Comments - 5 Heavily Armored Displays of Drifting

Published: Aug 14, 2012
Description: We all know that tanks are great for blowing things up/crushing things, but did you know that they were also good for drifting? This little-known tank fact had been a well-guarded secret until the...
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Description: China's army may be steadily growing in both manpower and weapons, but can its soldiers slide tanks like American soldiers? The answer to that question, unless you're a commie (kidding), is ...
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Val Barata Aug 16, 2012
Which pixel was the tank?
Esam Mohammad Aug 15, 2012
That's not a tank .. Just saying
Josh Santoro Aug 15, 2012
Im smelling a new fast and furious tank drift
Alex Vasquez Aug 14, 2012
That's pretty bad ass haha
Description: The majority of this clip is spent showing off Japan's Type 10 MBT-X Prototype (TK-X) tank, but there is a blink and you might miss it segment reserved for drifting. Tokyo drifting has officially...
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Austin Bride Aug 15, 2012
Glad they specified this was AD
Description: Sweden may not have the world's strongest military, but they do have the world's best tank drifters. It takes a special amount of skill to gracefully drift over 100,000 pounds of armor.
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Forrest Wood Aug 15, 2012
What's the name of that song
Gregory Allen Diemert Aug 15, 2012
oops didnt finish dodge t-rex would be better if uve seen that video
Gregory Allen Diemert Aug 15, 2012
@hektor gravel isnt slippery its loose. also can just guess with out seeing video dodge t-rex
Hektor Yberg Aug 14, 2012
Yeah but all the other videos was on either gravel which can be slippery (I think) and mud so the difference isn't so big ( although it makes some difference)
Alvaro Perez Aug 14, 2012
He has a point there
Sebastian Grey Aug 14, 2012
Well that's not fair. They're on ice.
Description: You've got to wonder if Erwin Rommel ever taught his tankers to drift like this. Talk about an evasive maneuver. Fun fact: the tank used in this video is the same model as the tank in the previou...
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Sebastian Grey Aug 14, 2012
I do this in BF3
Michael DiDomenico Aug 14, 2012
That's some Ken Block shit
Description: If this is the best display of tank drifting that China can come up with, then America has nothing to fear come WWIII. All fear mongering aside, this video is a pretty awesome display of skill on par ...
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Dale Schroeder Aug 14, 2012
Aw c'mon, you can kick that back end out farther than that! Not like you have to worry about knocking the bumpers off or anything, right?