Comments - Rhys Millen Sets a New Pikes Peak Record

Published: Aug 13, 2012
Description: Should anyone be surprised? We weren't. But for a driver as incredible as Rhys Millen, great things seem to regularly come his way. It's just been announced that the multi-talented driver ha...
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Description: Millen completed the 12.42-mile course with the new world record time of 9:46.164. But this was no ordinary course. It consisted of 12.42 miles of that climbed 4,720 feet to a total ascent of over 14,...
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Danny Rodriiguez Aug 15, 2012
Love that whine from the transmission.
Andrew Strong Aug 14, 2012
agreed. monster was truely multi talented. maybe next year will see some formula 1 teams out here. a fully paved road means this event has lost its magic as being a true challenge to drivers AND engineers
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 13, 2012
But he set a sub 10 min. record.on dirt. Millen can never take that.
Description: Millen's own racing team, appropriately called Rhys Millen Racing (RMR), made various enhancements to the Genesis Coupe. RMR focused specifically on maximizing the car's grip potential due t...
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Scott Wilkie Aug 15, 2012
Before saying Millen couldn't perform as well if the road is dirt, We should remember he held the record for 13 years when the road WAS dirt.
Andrew Strong Aug 14, 2012
don't forget Walter rohl's overall course record when the track was all dirt.
Parker Leach Aug 14, 2012
Pikes Peak is ruined now that it is all paved. It was better back in the days of the 4wd beasts like Audi Quattro S1, but now, you could probably set the record in an Ariel Atom. It's a shame. Pikes Peak was so cool.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 14, 2012
Pardon my lateness but pikes peak us paved now??
Colin Dzendolet Aug 13, 2012
here's your asterisk moment, yes, he beat the record, but there's so much more grip on tarmac compared to dirt, I feel like we have 2 Pike's Peak records now, road and dirt records respectively
Joshua Minh Tran Aug 13, 2012
Agreed, driving on a paved course vs dirt is entirely different
Sebastian Grey Aug 13, 2012
That's cool that he broke a record but I feel the old one should still be the real record, at least for the old course.
Description: Therefore, they had to prepare the car to handle even higher speeds. This was done by adding a new aero package to target downforce at higher speeds, new brake calipers and a set of ultra-wide racing ...
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Colby Church Aug 13, 2012
That's a nice picture