Description: Jay Leno is known for not owning any modern Ferraris in his famous and well stocked garage. He just thinks they're too complicated. Fair enough, but when fellow car guy/comedian/pod cast...
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Chris Gaines Aug 14, 2012
if he think ferraris are too complex, why does he drive mp4-12c every day? car practically drives itself
Wyatt Gordon Aug 13, 2012
I love Mr. Leno's collection, but I think he should make one exception to the "no modern Fezza's" rule: 458 Italia Coupe
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 13, 2012
Thats actully a really good trio but wow the budget for casting would be huge. They would have to run a one off pilot maybe even a webisode show just to make sure the veiwership and chemistry is there.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 13, 2012
Jimmy if that wer to happen amercan top gear would actualy come close to british top gear and i think a lot more gear heads would watch it. If only...
Tim Puckett Aug 13, 2012
I actually like Adam ferrara he's a pretty funny comedian
Drew Storrusten Aug 13, 2012
@jimmy I couldnt of have picked a better set of hosts.
John Serely Aug 13, 2012
That would be good, jimmy, but yet each would probably request mor money than BBC is willing to pay them
Martin Eastwood Aug 13, 2012
@ jimmy... totally agree :)
Jimmy Williams Aug 13, 2012
Leno, Corolla, and Seinfeld: what Top Gear America should be.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 13, 2012
Absolutely beautiful front! now lets see her rear
Craig Lafey Aug 13, 2012
She is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.
Description: As the two car guys examine and discuss the Ferrari, they also reflect back on the great era of cars when it was all about design instead of government regulations that forced automakers to include sa...
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Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 13, 2012
I really think carollas career is in the dumps. He was really pleading at the end of that
Wyatt Gordon Aug 13, 2012
mmm yes. I like this
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 13, 2012
Yessir. Its carborated
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 13, 2012
Are those intakes?