Comments - 91-Year-Old Granny Goes RallyX in a Subaru

Published: Aug 13, 2012
Description: This dear 91-year-old grandmother, who recently went for a hoon around a RallyX circuit at a charity event in Belmont, New Hampshire in a beaten up old Subaru is an inspirational figure.
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Ethan Amo Oct 14, 2012
Wow, what an awesome woman, to do something like that at her age..good for her!
Steve Waskiewicz Aug 16, 2012
For all of you lazy fools playing video games instead of enjoying the finer things, don't look now, but this EPIC woman just pwned you.
Justin Brest Aug 13, 2012
now that's a cool grama!
Nick Sti Aug 13, 2012
They just don't make em like this anymore
Carlton Salmon Aug 13, 2012
She looked like she was enjoying herself - more than could be said for her co-driver!
Description: As is the 60 something granny that drag raced a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG a few months' back, both of whom are living proof that as long as you've got feeling in your hands and feet and haven&ap...
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Omar Alhalaygah Aug 19, 2012
Thats a hell of a car
Alec Lindgren Aug 13, 2012
lol Nice plate Good for her my Great Aunt is in her 80s and she still drives well
Abraham Mendoza Aug 13, 2012
Because its offensive to people with bug eyes.
Cooper Branham Aug 13, 2012
My comment saying bugeye got deleted? What's wrong with naming the generation of the Subaru by its headlights?
Malachi Monteiro Aug 13, 2012
That plate is so much win
Victor Takhanov Aug 13, 2012
Haha awesome plate.
Jordan Jackson Aug 13, 2012
She just became my hero! Lol
Cooper Branham Aug 13, 2012
@john Reinke go Back to your Toyota
Justin Brest Aug 13, 2012
lol... man knows his subi's!
Jordan Jackson Aug 13, 2012
I'd be questioning your name if you didn't catch that nick, lol
Cooper Branham Aug 13, 2012
@nicksti I was looking at the same thing!
Nick Sti Aug 13, 2012
Strange, it has 06/07 tails
tysquirrel10s Aug 13, 2012
I like how it says sig sauer 357