Comments - 5 Epic 'Top Gear' Crashes

Published: Aug 13, 2012
Description: 'Top Gear' is famous for its hilarious hosts, killer car reviews and epic stunts. Most of the reviews and stunts on the show go off without a hitch, but there have been a few times when thin...
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Logan LeMonnier Aug 14, 2012
Car buzz needs to do more stuff involving top gear for sure
Jordan Jackson Aug 13, 2012
Although technically its not a crash, they forgot the episode where clarkson drove the old Rolles Royce into a pool
Description: In this video, Jeremy Clarkson valiantly attempts to catch the last ferry from Belfast in a Renault Twingo 133. As you can probably guess, he didn't make it, but the resulting crash into the sea ...
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Pratik Parija Aug 18, 2012
I remember watching this! Lol
William Forgham Aug 14, 2012
@ Abraham I lol'd hard at that bit.
Abraham Mendoza Aug 13, 2012
Is it green? "No, its red."
Colin Dzendolet Aug 13, 2012
when I saw this the first time, I was laughing my ass off
Joe Lamouk Aug 13, 2012
I usually like the things that TG do, but this time it was really stupid.
Ryan Veitch Aug 13, 2012
I love how he has Ross kemp in the boot
Mohammad M. Alajmi Aug 13, 2012
I started to believe that he was IN the car... -.-
Description: This clip from 'Top Gear Korea' features the series second most epic crash. The stunt was supposed to involve an AH-1 Cobra helicopter racing a Corvette. Less than a minute in the stunt goes...
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Christian De Prisco Aug 14, 2012
Well someone got seriously hurt: either the producer or the insurer, or both!
Hasan Ibrahim Aug 14, 2012
What the hell hasan ibrahim. It ain't my name.
Hasan Ibrahim Aug 14, 2012
Does that mean the corvette wins?
Aaron Crisp Aug 14, 2012
Might be a stupid question but is Top Gear Korea any good?
Chris O'Brien Aug 14, 2012
i don't see anyone laughing at this one.
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 13, 2012
They missed the one where jeremy crashes that one french car.
Ryan Veitch Aug 13, 2012
That's an expensive repair bill
Description: Leave it to Jeremy Clarkson to crash a Porsche 911 GT3 during a review run. This crash isn't really epic in nature, but it is awesome due to how organic and unplanned it was. Richard Hammond prob...
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Ben Mossing Aug 22, 2012
Oh no he hit the padded wall at 20 miles an hour... Send 2 ambulances, doctors car, fire engine, a cop, and pissed producer and Porsche rep
Description: If you have never seen the 'Top Gear' segment where Jeremy Clarkson drives a three-wheeled Reliant Robin, then go watch it now! This video is a supercut of all the epic crashes from that seg...
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Alvaro Perez Aug 14, 2012
God i loved this episode I kept laughing my ass off
Jamie Perigo Aug 14, 2012
Best car show on tv... In any country!
Shane Conner Aug 13, 2012
@bill zoo obsessed is because it's a great show.
Brady Fereday Aug 13, 2012
I loved the toybota episode or the Charlie episode those were way funny too hahahahhahah xD
Christo Savaides Aug 13, 2012
That music is so perfect for the video.
Joe Lamouk Aug 13, 2012
I agree with both of you !
Ryan Veitch Aug 13, 2012
One of the best episodes
Description: Richard Hammond crashing the Vampire dragster is easily the most epic crash ever captured on 'Top Gear.' Hammond was on his last run of the day when the front right tire blew out, causing hi...
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Pratik Parija Aug 18, 2012
Good thing he survied
Jack Kraeutler Aug 14, 2012
The Hamster is the man. Truly bums me out this show is coming to a close. Best th
Kyle Hardisty Aug 13, 2012
these three r the best thing that ever happened to television!!! No one can replace them
Andrew Semak Aug 13, 2012
The fact is if it was James or Jeremy who was in that car, we might not have Top Gear today. Rock on Hammond.
Yasser Zahabi Aug 13, 2012
"we will never mention it again " .. Hahah yeh right .. They've been teasing the poor guy for years since then
Colin Dzendolet Aug 13, 2012
absolutely true guys
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 13, 2012
Yes, true, thoose guys are unique
Brady Fereday Aug 13, 2012
I'm glad hamster made it the show would not be the same without him those 3 are the best together no one could replace any of them
Zaire Wilkins Aug 14, 2012
is that a civic with mobile 1 slapped on the side?
Miguel Flores Aug 13, 2012
I'm liking those mr2s in the background
Adithya Chandrasekhar Aug 13, 2012
@John, exactly what i thought :p
John Serely Aug 13, 2012
They certainly need to add a few more feet to the wheelbase, not long enough at all