Comments - Raptor and Ram Runner Go Head to Head

Published: Aug 10, 2012
Description: The Ford F-150 SVT Raptor and Mopar's Ram Runner are two of the meanest trucks on the road. Both were engineered to handle off-road racing, although where the Raptor is available straight off the...
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Brandon Lidy Aug 10, 2012
Yeah it's a dealer option. Voids the warranty apparently, but it's one bad ass truck
Abraham Mendoza Aug 10, 2012
So the Ram Runner isn't official Ram product? Just a dealer kit? Sweet, just like the original Yenko.
Description: Differences lie in their size and weight: the Ram Runner comes in five inches shorter and 163 kg lighter. But which is the better prerunner? To find out, Motor Trend's Mike Febbo teamed up with p...
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Rebecca Smith May 26, 2013
I still think the Dodge Ram Runner
Alex Vasquez Jan 24, 2013
All you need to see is specs done
Scott Williams Aug 18, 2012
Oh yeah, don't forget that Ford wins in power. Just look at that stat list
Scott Williams Aug 18, 2012
Without removing the warranty. Also... You can't really pin these two together... Ford has always prevailed over Dodge, truck or not. Chevy would be a better match up, but Chevy isn't gay enough to create a truck with a supercharger in it
Scott Williams Aug 18, 2012
Wait, so are we deciding which truck to choose here? In order for the ram to even COMPETE they have had to completely redesign the suspension, enough to where it voids anything Dodge will cover. Ford will give you the same truck (if not better).....
Tyler Tarbox Aug 11, 2012
Ford please please bring back the Lightning!!
Walter Alexander Thomas Aug 11, 2012
Lol. I can most def see that we all have different taste in style. The Raptor looks stylish, fun and 10000% better than that Dodge Ram.
Amir Roy Aug 11, 2012
The dodge looks way better though.
Amir Roy Aug 11, 2012
I have a dodge(06' 3500 cummins) and I love it, but the transmission sucks. Just like in the video it's always confused. I would go with the raptor I guess, but if it was my choice I would get a VelociRaptor by Hennessey.
Christopher Helms Aug 11, 2012
You can get street legal ones. They come in stage kits. So if you get the third stage it might not be able to drive one but the other two you might.
Brian Sturgess Aug 11, 2012
Bias Comparison. The raptor is an on/off road vehicle built to strike a balance. the ram is a strictly prerunner truck, and I don't even think it's street legal up here in Canada. If they wanted to do a fair fight, they would have used an actual raptor prerunner, not the stock one.
Miguel Jimenez Aug 10, 2012
I'll take the Ram Runner with a 6speed manual and 2 doors please!
Dillon Dixon Aug 10, 2012
That ram runner does look really good, but I don't have anywhere to just fly at high speed offroad. I've seen raptors on the sand dunes and they were beast! Nothing could stop it!
Judah Lindvall Aug 10, 2012
Raptor looks better
Brandon Harp Aug 10, 2012
mopar or no car lol
Zachary Maurer Aug 10, 2012
@jordan, ya, IMO just because this generation f-150 has been out since 09' and it's based off of that just with some suspension modifications and a new grill, I just think an update is in store, that's y I am executed for the refreshed one
Cameron Duncan Condy Aug 10, 2012
Is it me or possibly the editing of the video. They both seem to make a decision before the other truck. Im personally a Ford guy but I think I'd go with that Ram. Just looks so gnarly.
Jordan Jackson Aug 10, 2012
The raptor has only been out for 2-3 years, how is it outdated? Lol
Paul Dickey Aug 10, 2012
The raptor outdated? Hahaha
Zachary Maurer Aug 10, 2012
I honestly think the raptor is a little outdated now, but the ram runner is a little to much of an overstatement to me, anyone remember the hennensy raptor that was converted to a suv? Ya, I'll take that
Ashen Fonseka Aug 10, 2012
I'd have the raptor looks more civilized
Matthew Crighton Aug 10, 2012
The raptor was built for on and off-road. And thats why its pretty good at both. But the Ram was built to be a Baja truck and thats all its goid at. But i would take the Ramrunner any day
Drew Storrusten Aug 10, 2012
@patrick, power wagon for sure. Haha
David Justice Aug 10, 2012
Raptor for me, better all around. But if I'm on a drug run in the desert, def the Mopar.
Patrick Schalk Aug 10, 2012
If I had to pick out of these I'm going with the Ram Runner even though both are badass. BUT how many people who actually use these trucks for what they are intended for? Not many. That's why I'd get a Power Wagon.
Max Rose Aug 10, 2012
They only sound biased towards the raptor because its wayyyyy better than the ram in everyway. They had nothing good to say about the ram runner. The kit needs some fine tuning before id buy it
John Serely Aug 10, 2012
*money stupid autocorrect
John Serely Aug 10, 2012
If I had to pick, I would take the ram, even though I am more of a ford guy. The ram just looks bada*s. Anyways, my 46k (if had to get an offroader) would go to a jeep, with month to modify it
John Jenkins Aug 10, 2012
how are yaul doin? I'll take the raptor. just personal preference and I think it looks sharp
Scott Lenahan Aug 10, 2012
Raptor all day... What a machine..
Matt Piccolo Aug 10, 2012
If i HAD to choose I'd go raptor no dout
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Aug 10, 2012
Yaul do know the Raptor won the head to head right?
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Aug 10, 2012
So yaul would use the Ram Runner as a daily driver?
Jordan Jackson Aug 10, 2012
*Jack, damn you auto correct!
Jordan Jackson Aug 10, 2012
I agree with Hack, I'd take both, if I had the money
Jordan Jackson Aug 10, 2012
It's more about personal preference, that's the beauty of this matchup
Christopher Helms Aug 10, 2012
both great trucks. Ford Raptor seems more for the people that wants it for the daily commute, and that's not what Ram Runner is more on what is designed for not for that daily driver. the gears do bounce a lot more on the Ram but it does have that extra gear and the computers even in manual mode aren't as talented as the pros, they can still change the gear if it wanted to. props to both though. I...
Josh Negron Aug 10, 2012
Not a ford guy, but I'd take the raptor still.
Jack Howard Aug 10, 2012
Ill take either.
Aaron Crisp Aug 10, 2012
I've seen multiple tests... They are both about the same, the Ram being slightly faster, and it looks so much better! I'm a Mopar guy, I'll have my Ram Runner now.
Michael Di Bonaventura Aug 10, 2012
Was it me or did it seem very bias towards the ford raptor??
Petre Draghici Aug 10, 2012
I would take the Ram
Arnold Lion Tanpa Aug 10, 2012
I agree. I'm more of a Ram guy as well and I love the look of the Ram Runner.
Esam Mohammad Aug 10, 2012
I'll take the ram over the ford anyday.. Dunno maybe because am a dodge guy . But the Ram really looks powerful
Abdulla Ahmed Haji Aug 14, 2012
I have ford raptor full option its really strong car :))
Jacob Viiper McCord Aug 12, 2012
Look at that sexy raptor. I'll take THAT one
Jack Howard Aug 11, 2012
Are you gay? Lol jk
Wyatt Gordon Aug 10, 2012
I dont like trucks, but id have the Raptor
Das Stig Aug 10, 2012
I like the old raptor wheels better
Christopher Helms Aug 11, 2012
I am sure you could get a lift kit that would help lol. I have done it in my 97 Ram 1500. my suspension pretty much looks the same but I don't have that big of a lift. crawls up everything to
Brandon Lidy Aug 11, 2012
That's the sad part, Miguel
Miguel Jimenez Aug 10, 2012
@Brandon that's actually true...
Cameron Duncan Condy Aug 10, 2012
They have a 5 year 100,000 mile rust warranty. Doubt she will be in 3 months.
Brandon Lidy Aug 10, 2012
You bend the frame if you try that in a raptor haha just kidding, ford fans.
Tanner Middleton Aug 10, 2012
that thing will rust in 3 months. even if you detail it every week lmao :p
Esam Mohammad Aug 10, 2012
Amazing .. What a great pick of a great car !!