Posted on: Aug 10, 2012
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Ghost Rolls South Beach-Style

ADV.1 and Brembo both see their work affixed to the iconic luxury sedan.
Straight from the factory, a Rolls-Royce epitomizes the height of luxury. So most attempts at modifying them tend to push it over the top. One particular owner down in South Beach wanted to spruce up his new Ghost with a bit of fresh style. Fortunately caution was the watchword of the day and the end product stays true to the West Sussex marque's ideology of tasteful opulence. The chrome has been given a satin finish, right down to the Spirit of Ecstasy mascot.

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Fitted with more aggressive 20-inch titanium-finish ADV6.0 wheels, the big luxury sedan looks poised to grip the road that much better wrapped in Pirelli rubber. An ECU reflash ups the power from the twin-turbo V12, and a lowered suspension drops its stance closer to the road. Finally a set of Brembo brakes - a first, according to the car's owners at Wheels Boutique - add some extra stopping power.

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