Description: Back in 1967, the Daily Telegraph commissioned Bertone to create for it a unique concept car. The result was the Jaguar Pirana, combining the performance of the 4.2-liter E-Type Jag with Bertone'...
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Adam Thomson Dec 15, 2012
It looks pretty awesome
Bradley Walter Aug 11, 2012
Soooooooo sexy. Wowie!
Timothy Hooker Aug 10, 2012
this is sexy. I like it
Ben Bourdon Aug 10, 2012
More rear overhang than a bus
Nick Schnee Aug 10, 2012
I agree with Zack.
Sam Coppinger Aug 10, 2012
This looks like what should have come between the E-Type and the XJS
Zack Hartman Aug 10, 2012
I see some delorean hahaha
Jordan Jackson Aug 10, 2012
@Lee: I was thinking the same thing, just didn't want to get the "no comparisons" guys going, lol
Lee Gardner Aug 10, 2012
Kind of 70s mustang Mach 1 looking
Description: The story goes that the publisher insisted the car be made from production rather than custom parts, and come with the same conveniences offered in the E-Type as well as meeting all existing safety re...
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Description: "It serves as a prime example of Bertone's design craftsmanship and is an excellent addition to our 100th anniversary (of Bertone) celebration," said Concorso Italiano president Tom McD...
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Wolfgang Ezeh Aug 12, 2012
The article says it influenced the 1968 Lamborghini Espada.
Graham Browne Aug 11, 2012
Can see a bit of XB Ford Falcon in that. Mad Max drove one.
Steve Waskiewicz Aug 11, 2012
With those windows, it reminds me a super sport AMC Gremlin. :)
Carlton Salmon Aug 11, 2012
Exactly what I was going to say, Ruben.
Malachi Monteiro Aug 10, 2012
What the hell is going on with the ass of this car?
Adam Thomson Dec 15, 2012
It's pure sex
Danny Reed Aug 14, 2012
Soooooooo long!!! I could never parallel park it!
Ahmed Barrasali Aug 11, 2012
Lovely Extra stretched car.
Timothy Hooker Aug 10, 2012
very 1970s NASA. I see astronauts driving this
Ben Bourdon Aug 10, 2012
Move all the wheels back a bit and it might look better. Maybe
John Serely Aug 10, 2012
Wow, it's a long car