Comments - Rolls-Royce Ghost Coupe to Pack 600 Horsepower?

Published: Aug 01, 2012
Description: A Rolls-Royce is not a performance vehicle. It's a luxurious grand tourer. Until a few years ago, Rolls listed the output of its engines as "adequate" or "more than adequate"....
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Brad Wood Aug 01, 2012
Like the old days of Jaguar; "we don't have tilt wheels because we put the steering wheel in the right place already". Love some Big Money confidence.
Chris Johnson Aug 01, 2012
I think that "adequate" is a far more badass way of describing engine output than "600 hp."
Wyatt Gordon Aug 01, 2012
cool, but dont bring back the name corniche
Description: To put that into perspective, consider that the Ferrari 458 Italia has "only" 562 horsepower. The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG has 571. McLaren gave the MP4-12C 592 hp before increasing it recently...
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Wyatt Clark Aug 01, 2012
@Bruno: IKR!! If a twin-turbo V12 with 600 hp doesn't get to threes, something is wrong!!!
Bruno Nappa Aug 01, 2012
If they trimmed some weight it could get into the threes
Domi Bsaibes Aug 01, 2012
That'll be revolutionnary for sure
Chris Gaines Aug 02, 2012
beats out the Bentley coupe forsure
Avery Williams Aug 01, 2012
Those headlights are similar to those of the new Chrysler 300C
Bob Jones Aug 01, 2012
Most people who buys RRs don't care about price, performance, or fuel economy. They just want the bigger more comfortable Phantom.
Stephen Reed Warren II Aug 01, 2012
Because the guy parked beside you in a phantom would make you look like a you're driving a bug. Haha nah kidding, I love the ghost
Matt Greenlee Aug 01, 2012
I would honestly take this over a phantom. its faster, lighter, half the cost, better milage, and its still a Rolls Royce. Why wouldnt you want one?!
Theviper007 Aug 01, 2012
sorry again I mean rr fir rolls Royce
Theviper007 Aug 01, 2012
stupid typo I meant er and this
Theviper007 Aug 01, 2012
I'm not a big fan of er but I like thus one
John Serely Aug 01, 2012
I agree, David. The ghost is awesome. RR is definitely one of my favorite car brands.
Theviper007 Aug 01, 2012
I thought most. roll HP is shaffesent
David Purcell Aug 01, 2012
They look so boss coming down the road love them
Janak Solanki Aug 01, 2012
Beautiful proportions
Jay Kolvenbag Aug 01, 2012
Now we're talking
Janak Solanki Aug 01, 2012
That looks solid
Paul Lissona Aug 02, 2012
Dang that's incredibly nice, how could you be mad riding in that interior.