Comments - Lamborghini Opens New Prototype Development Center

Published: Jul 09, 2012
Description: You don't have to go too far back in history to when Lamborghini only produced one model line. But now that it's part of the Volkswagen group, its scopes are broadening. The Gallardo has bre...
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Description: Opened in an official ribbon-cutting ceremony by CEO Stefan Winkelmann, government minister Corrado Clini and Sant'Agata mayor Daniela Occhiali, the facility will produce the company's proto...
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Hektor Yberg Jul 09, 2012
Yeah that would be awesome
John Serely Jul 09, 2012
I'd love that Aaron. I would be very happy to see la,Bo build a proper GT car positioned below the gallardo
Aaron Abely Jul 09, 2012
Please lambo, build a proper GT car. You have an SUV, a halo car, an obtainable super car, and possibly a nice looking sedan... All that's left is a real GT style car.
uptown Jul 09, 2012
that building is amazing! and the cars match it!
Wilson LaFaver Jul 09, 2012
Nice looking cars
John Serely Jul 09, 2012
Nice looking building
Asad Yusufzai Jul 09, 2012
Why is that idiot cutting the ribbon again??
Barry Lird Jul 09, 2012
Rich jerks.... Best job ever...
Josh Melhorn Jul 09, 2012
Stefan(The CEO) is always looking fresh in his suits
Janak Solanki Jul 09, 2012
What I wouldn't do for a job here
Oscar Mendieta Jul 10, 2012
the guy in the middle is "The Boss"
Cho Dan Jul 09, 2012
I'll bet he doesn't buy off the rack.
Kasey Cook Jul 09, 2012
Wrinkles? Morons.
Den Zo Jul 09, 2012
Ooo, future dictator on the right!
Ben August Jul 09, 2012
Alright noobs, the suits aren't "wrinkled" they're very light and reactive to movement. Many suits are heavy. These are light, made to feel good, and respond. Very crisp, every movement causes a cascade of movement in the suit, looks like wrinkles
Carlton Salmon Jul 09, 2012
The Rat Pack 2012!
Bijan Jahanpanah Jul 09, 2012
Wrinkly style… like a boss
Robert Mataev Jul 09, 2012
Reservoir dogs :)
Grant Boshart Jul 09, 2012
Diggin the blue suit
Wyatt Gordon Jul 11, 2012
@zachary, oh yup, and how did you delete your earlier comment? sorry im relatively new here
Zachary Maurer Jul 11, 2012
Go to Chevy celebrates 60 years of the corvette article
Zachary Maurer Jul 11, 2012
@wyatt, just go look at a corvette article and you will find Connor and Kevin, two biggest trolls on here, no joke
Wyatt Gordon Jul 11, 2012
Zachary, bro im joking the whole time man. And whos kevin and whover else you said, and thibault we dont have sand in portland brah
Travis Alcott Jul 10, 2012
You idiots it's a concept car do you understand what that means and what is this call of duty sniper rifles are only called sniper rifles when there in the hands of a sniper any other is called a scoped rifle IDIOTS!!!!!!!!
Thibault Leroy Jul 10, 2012
@Buzz Roberts its not meant to be practicle its not street legal
Thibault Leroy Jul 10, 2012
Wyatt get that sand out of your pussy.
Wyatt Gordon Jul 10, 2012
Doug, youre exactly right, its just ridiculous. Austin, you sound like a lesbian 5 year old, and GAYth, you probably csnt even pick up a sniper rifle, since all you do is jack off to farmville
Buzz Roberts Jul 10, 2012
I like it, but I imagine it would be pretty impractical.
Matthew Crighton Jul 10, 2012
But seriously, sick car.
Matthew Crighton Jul 10, 2012
Haha Ghaith, I'd love to see you blow your shoulder off with a sniper rifle. You would be crying like a baby!
Austin Bride Jul 09, 2012
Wyatt I hate your face.
Eddie Filipovic Jul 09, 2012
I like it a lot.
Kasey Cook Jul 09, 2012
Hideous?! You say that now but you guys will lose your minds when you see one in person.
Devin Babyn Jul 09, 2012
This is actually the only Lamborghini I like
Ghaith AL-sharari Jul 09, 2012
@wyatt then I'll get my sniper ready
Wyatt Gordon Jul 11, 2012
This makes a bit of sick come up in my throat
Pattinson Cat Jul 10, 2012
Isn't this the Sesto Elemente?!
Kasey Cook Jul 09, 2012
This makes me smile