Comments - De Tomaso Officially Declares Bankruptcy

Published: Jul 09, 2012
Description: Not every carmaker can stick around forever, especially if it's not part of a major auto group. Just ask the guys at Artega, which declared bankruptcy last week. And now De Tomaso is following su...
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Garett Martin Jul 10, 2012
I want a yellow 1973 pantra
Sam Hansen Jul 09, 2012
Panteras are so cool
Patrick Joseph Jul 09, 2012
2 days ago I saw a pantera on the road. I was wondering what was happening with de tomaso. Now I got my answer.
Dale Schroeder Jul 10, 2012
They really should have just done the Pantera concept as a low volume boutique car instead of trying to go mainstream with this first.
Denise Oman Jul 10, 2012
What would this add to the car world? My thanks goes out to the Chinese investors who had the brains to spare everyone from this.
Buzz Roberts Jul 10, 2012
@Walker what kind of 458 have you seen that makes you think of this?
Tracy Keiser Dron Jul 10, 2012
What a joke.. no wonder they can't "make" it...
Danny Reed Jul 09, 2012
Ford focus headlamps
Chris Penza Jul 09, 2012
I think you've never seen a Ferrari
Walker Carroll Jul 09, 2012
I think it looks like the Ferrari 458
Alan Baars Jul 09, 2012
Looks like a tall version of a Kia Optima...
Chris Penza Jul 09, 2012
This is one of the most boring cars I've ever seen
Rockesh Boulder Jul 09, 2012
I'd rather have a Pantera..
Kalendrix Cook Jul 09, 2012
I see Mongoose Bicycle
Joey Pena Jul 09, 2012
@Raymond. no, it clearly looks like a Reliant Robin on that note!
Jordan Smith Jul 09, 2012
I see way too much Veyron in there.
Raymond Reynoso Jul 09, 2012
Mini cooper! Since we're all yelling randomness
Abraham Mendoza Jul 09, 2012
That badge really doesn't deserve to be on that.
Logan LeMonnier Jul 09, 2012
That is ugly just like the BMW
Zachary Maurer Jul 09, 2012
BMW 5 series gt, just to follow along here
Christian De Prisco Jul 09, 2012
This is a shameful design for the company
Crazybonbon Obobo Jul 09, 2012
Fusion 2013 front
Brendon Davis Jul 09, 2012
I actually like this design.
Jessica Rivera Jul 09, 2012
Let the comparisons begin in 3...2...1
Description: Having fallen into obscurity, the name was acquired by former Fiat group executive Gian Mario Rossignolo, who relaunched the company in Geneva last year with the Deauville. The crossover concept was a...
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Jacob Viiper McCord Jul 13, 2012
damn you Chinese. You prevented De Tamoso to go bankrupt. I was wanting to see their super car but I guess I won't :/
Description: Of course the government administrators could still find new investors to buy the company's assets - including the plans and rights for the Deauville and Pantera prototypes - but failing that, De...
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Denise Oman Jul 10, 2012
Does anyone remember the Qvale Mangusta from about 10 years ago?
Garett Martin Jul 10, 2012
Want a1973 and yellow
Jack Hufford Jul 09, 2012
Me gusta la mangusta. LOL Finally all that spanish can pay off.
Audi Tech Jul 09, 2012
With an LS? what trans did they use with the LS.
Clint Edwards Jul 09, 2012
@Domenic they did indeed have a Cleveland 351. Although I have seen a few with an LS swap
Domenic Sergi Jul 09, 2012
Did these have a Ford 351 engine in it?
Abraham Mendoza Jul 09, 2012
I really did like this car it was nice and simple. Not too extravagant.
Carlton Salmon Jul 09, 2012
The shape reminds me alot of the Monteverdi Hai which was developed at around the same time as the Mangusta. Both lovely looking cars.
Alex Stanzel Jul 09, 2012
Ahh te mangusta. So gorgeous.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 09, 2012
Wow Dixon sure wish I read your comment before I made mine lol
Dillon Dixon Jul 09, 2012
How could they go from this to the most boring sedan ever made?! This thing is sweet!
Jason Dannheim Jul 09, 2012
Italian design, American engineering. A combination that didn't always work, but did here.
Oscar Galvan Jul 09, 2012
I remember this.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jul 09, 2012
I take that back. But still an awesome car.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jul 09, 2012
Awesome car. Kind of reminds me of a Miura at the back. Sorry for comparing it with other cars.
Janak Solanki Jul 09, 2012
Wow. That is pretty badass
Tomas Arango Ferreira Jul 13, 2012
As sharp as ever. Still looks much better than most of te competition. Someone should base a new design on this shape
Thibault Leroy Jul 10, 2012
the rear reminds me of the countach
Sam Hansen Jul 09, 2012
European car + American engine = wonderful combination
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jul 09, 2012
There is a red one of these near where i live. It comes roaring down my street sometimes. Lovely sound aswell.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 09, 2012
I saw one of these, but the real early version and without the spoiler. It was black with black rims and it was a 5 speed manual. It looks so cool.
Carlton Salmon Jul 09, 2012
Agree with Janak and Dale.
Janak Solanki Jul 09, 2012
One of my all time favs. I'll take it in black
Aaron Cartwright Jul 09, 2012
Still don't get how they go from this to that ugly four door thing!
Dale Denis Jul 09, 2012
Still one of the best looking cars ever built