Description: The fifth installment of the most popular stunt-driving video series ever made has arrived, and as anticipated, Gymkhana Five raises the bar. Gymkhana Five once again showcases Ken Block's precis...
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Ahmed Mohamed Al Shorouqi Jul 09, 2012
i dont think this guy can drive in a strait line. that was AMAZING !!!! Amazing side way jump
Description: "San Francisco was absolutely amazing for Gymkhana," said Block. "It's such a unique location for this kind of driving and allowed me to do some things that I never thought I'...
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Kaesid Stuckey Jul 12, 2012
He kills that car EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Ken Block, enough said.
Kyle Kloewer Jul 11, 2012
I feel bad for Travis since he is done rallying and motocross and believe it or not he is gonna do NASCAR soon
Josh Bonhoff Jul 10, 2012
Love it !!!!!! This man is paid. Being able to shut down that much of the city. Wether he paid for it or not.
Marcos Ruffino Jul 10, 2012
By far the BEST Gymkhana installment to date!!!! It's amazing how he's just considered ONE of the best, I tip my hat to you sir, thanx for the entertainment
Jordan Jackson Jul 10, 2012
That mid air turn would have me crapping my pants, lol
Thibault Leroy Jul 10, 2012
wow that was awesome
Garrett Smith Jul 10, 2012
Fun.....if you dont smile after watchin this you may be in need of some parking lot.
Russell Jul 10, 2012
I don't think that's considered a fiesta anymore
Austin Bride Jul 09, 2012
I <3 Travis pastrana
David Purcell Jul 09, 2012
Hands down best driving I've ever seen in my life. Wish I could drive half as good as he could
Jonny Seegmiller Jul 09, 2012
1.8 seconds to 60. So fast....
Keenan Casteel Jul 09, 2012
Way better than the 4th one.
Kasey Cook Jul 09, 2012
Wow. Loved the "jump drift". Crazy amounts of skill
Michael Douglas Jul 09, 2012
Ken block is the man
Anthony Surdo Jul 09, 2012
That was freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!
Forrest Wood Jul 09, 2012
Those cars are $550,000 good luck getting one
Jason Johnson Jul 09, 2012
That was totally epic!
Colin Dzendolet Jul 09, 2012
sick, sick, sick! I didn't blink for 8 minutes!
Sam Oglesby Jul 09, 2012
That's brilliant how do I get one of those cars
Wilson LaFaver Jul 09, 2012
That was so awesome
Description: "I'm stoked with how this project turned out and I'm truly a lucky bastard to have been able to do the things I was able to do on the streets of San Francisco. To all of the residents a...
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Roger Olbrich Jul 11, 2012
Was mann mit Monster Energy alles machen kann!
Marshall Keller Jul 10, 2012
its all called oversteer.
Cory Deines Jul 09, 2012
This is still drifting. The rear wheels are still driven. Power sliding is for FWD cars - the back wheels have to slide around because no power is going through them.
Alexander R Hernandez Jul 09, 2012
And controlling that "drift" or "slide" with throttle and steering
Alexander R Hernandez Jul 09, 2012
It's power sliding when it's front wheel drive because you CAN'T drift in a front wheel drive car pretty much anything that has power going to the back wheels to the point that you can keep the car going one way while you are counter steering
Nick Sti Jul 09, 2012
Drift = RWD Power-sliding = AWD Failing = FWD That's not to say power-sliding doesnt take skill
Nathan Geiter Jul 09, 2012
Wow clam down there buddy. I'm pretty sure drifting is getting a car sideways. So Ken Block can drift.
Joe Criscione Jul 09, 2012
He's not a drifter. It's called power sliding when you have 4WD.
Steven Velez Jul 10, 2012
i think i see you looking out the window!
Cory Deines Jul 09, 2012
This is my neighborhood!