Description: Fiat is marking five years since they launched their modern 500 hatchback with a special edition model, creatively titled the 'Happy Birthday' edition. Set for a limited run of 555 units, th...
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Description: In terms of equipment, the special editions carry chrome trim, MP3 connectivity and electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors. There isn't much to these special editions in terms of power, ...
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Thibault Leroy Jul 09, 2012
@John yeah i agree and they sound pretty good as well
John Serely Jul 08, 2012
@thibualt I agree, expect for the abarth version in black, I think those are kinda neat
Quinn Rogers Jul 08, 2012
Thibault Leroy Jul 08, 2012
i find them a bit feminin
Logan LeMonnier Jul 08, 2012
They look awesome
Austin Bryant Jul 08, 2012
Always loved these cars.
Jordan Jackson Jul 10, 2012
He may be trolling, lol, but he has a point, it is a little gay, lol
Jordan Smith Jul 09, 2012
Quinn's just trolling around cause he has nothing better to do.
John Serely Jul 08, 2012
What do you mean by fake, Quinn. I This is not a fake car, it is real. It is a special edition of a real car, haha read the article dumbass hahahaha
Hektor Yberg Jul 08, 2012
I just love the interiors of these things!
Paul Lissona Jul 08, 2012
I like the chrome on the bumpers.