Comments - Making the Most of the Russian Flooding

Published: Jul 08, 2012
Description: The flooding that's currently haunting Russia has proven to be deadly. So far, 144 people have died in the worst flooding to strike the Krasnodar region in recent history. The flooding in some pa...
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Michael Davidson Jul 09, 2012
Wow, that really sucks. That's a lot of people.
Description: Just check out this wake boarder who felt compelled to not only take advantage of the flooded streets in the city of Irkutsk, but it also seems like he cheered up a city full of people who desperately...
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Michael Riley Jul 09, 2012
at least he got a helmet on xD smarter than the people in India on the scooters haha
Alexander Gomez Jul 09, 2012
Best Idea of fun during a flood.
Quinn Rogers Jul 08, 2012
I hate russia and everything in it
Oscar Galvan Jul 08, 2012
Gotta love Russia
Isaac Reichner Jul 08, 2012
I've always wanted to do that!!!! Falling would suck though.
Frank Dreitlein Jul 08, 2012
when life hands you lemons..
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 08, 2012
Haha, that just made my day!
Dave Stewart Jul 08, 2012
Russians videos never cease to amaze me lol
Alec Lindgren Jul 08, 2012
In Soviet Russia ocean come to you
Aaron Cartwright Jul 08, 2012
That's awesome!!
Dainius Kuodis Jul 08, 2012
Wouldn't want to wipe out in that water. No lag here.
Rob Mcmurray Jul 08, 2012
It's like a video game lol
Extremis Colson Jul 08, 2012
that happened here in ny. where a guy snowboarding down park ave. LOL
Buddy Robinson Jul 08, 2012
That actually looks really fun
Christian De Prisco Jul 08, 2012
Gotta love these people
Wilson LaFaver Jul 09, 2012
That looks really fun
Aaron Cartwright Jul 08, 2012
I'd have to agree, nothing like turnin a bad situation into a fun one!
Jesse Johnson Jul 08, 2012
What a great attitude!!