Description: There's not much more to say about the Koenigsegg Agera R that hasn't been said already, but that doesn't mean we will ever tire of seeing and hearing the Swedish supercar gracing the t...
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Description: The $1.6 million roadster sprints from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, reaches a purported top speed of 273 mph and holds the record for 0-186-0 mph in just 21.19 seconds thanks to its 5.0-liter twin-turbocharge...
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Tom Lopez Sep 21, 2012
my favorite will always be the ccxr. 1064 hp and a six speed manual damn
Wyatt Gordon Jul 11, 2012
thanks bro. and i realize ferrari and koennigsegg (sorry if i spelled it wrong) arent playing in the same league, i was just using ferrari as example. but if im honest, it want a great example, couldve used the zonda, which is better thhan agera. also, i just want to put it out there that this colourway makes it look like a training shoe
Dan Jardine Jul 11, 2012
You no make no sence.
Wyatt Gordon Jul 11, 2012
Koenigseggs are ugly. I know their aerodynamic, but still ugly, only meant to inflate your ego. Ferraris, at least the 458 and f12, look much better. And i dont even like ferrari very much
Carlton Salmon Jul 09, 2012
Isn't that the whole point of cars like these, to inflate the ego?
Tobias Mersinger Jul 09, 2012
@Wyatt: they're not even playing in the same league...
Dan Jardine Jul 08, 2012
Little school boy ferrari crush.....
Clayton Corley Jul 08, 2012
I'd take a SSC ultimate aero
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 08, 2012
Yes there is.. SKODA YETI!
Zaire Wilkins Jul 08, 2012
there are no such thing as the best car
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 08, 2012
Yeah, I don't think id take any car over this. Still waiting for them to prove its 273 mph top speed, though...
Dylan Bruder Jul 08, 2012
I can't think of something I'd take over this
David Purcell Jul 08, 2012
BEAST!!!! That's all I can say
Igor Natsioks Jul 08, 2012
I'd still take the Veyron
Sam Oglesby Jul 08, 2012
It's an amazing car 0-186-0 in 21 seconds and the unofficial fastest production car in the world
Felix Rhett Jul 08, 2012
The ccx was supercharged. The agera is turbocharged.
Paul Dickey Jul 08, 2012
Thought it was twin supercharged?
Buddy Robinson Jul 08, 2012
Haha, the GTR: "mee too!!"
Luke Purdy Jul 08, 2012
This is my fav car at the moment.
Nick Schnee Jul 08, 2012
Same here. Funny how the R8, the SLS, the 458 and the rest at the petrol station seem casual when together with an Agera R.
Tobias Mersinger Jul 08, 2012
I agree. Can't get much better than that.
Mike van Varik Jul 08, 2012
Il take the agera R over anything any day.
Carlton Salmon Jul 09, 2012
@ Ray. Agreed, the car has what looks to be Monaco plates on it.
Ray Moreno Jul 08, 2012
Btw you can tell right off the back the 555 are edited on there.
Joe Fats Harper Jul 08, 2012
Heyhey!! This is the exact same license plate as the other cars!!
Zachary Maurer Jul 08, 2012
But welcome to carbuzz, be aware of trolls, they can really annoy you
Zachary Maurer Jul 08, 2012
@ben, sadly no...
Ben Jones Jul 08, 2012
Sorry I'm new here, can you delete comments?
Ben Jones Jul 08, 2012
Also the blue Veyron in the article above has that plate. O.O
Keenan Casteel Jul 08, 2012
There is a video of a white Agera R in London with the same plates from last week or so.
Rick Acker Jul 08, 2012
@Michael if you watched the video you an see the plate has real numbers.
Addison Ruble Jul 08, 2012
I think carbuzz puts 555 on the license plates of these cars as a sort of identity protection, in the video it has real numbers
Michael Henderson Jul 08, 2012
You dont reckon this and the blue Veyron in London a couple of stories up are owned by the same guy? Identical number plates just obviously in different countries
Carlton Salmon Jul 09, 2012
I'm actually starting to think I'd rather have an Agera R over a Veyron Super Sport.