Comments - Celebrating 25 Years of the BMW Z1

Published: Jul 08, 2012
Description: Back in 1989, BMW first began selling their Z1 roadster, a small two-seater that served as an experimental test bed for several new technologies. Its subsequent ancestors were the Z3 and Z4 roadsters....
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Michael Evans Jul 08, 2012
They might of counted the two years which is concept to prototype to production
Reid Huff Jul 08, 2012
it may have existed before it was sold.
Christian De Prisco Jul 08, 2012
No this is a 2014 article dude
Matteo Luppi Jul 08, 2012
If it was 1989, then it's 23 years on my watch, not 25...
Brad Gougler Jul 08, 2012
what about the z8
Description: In fact, owners could remove the body panels in a process that was originally designed to take roughly 60 minutes but in reality this turned out to be a two day job that only experienced mechanics cou...
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Chris O'Brien Jul 09, 2012
bunch of dorks. and what's with that German guy's scarf??
Description: There were various aftermarket tuning programs available for the Z1 and demand supposedly remained fairly high when production ended in 1991.
All told, around 8,000 units were produced and the car...
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Drew Kennard Jul 09, 2012
Wait, this is BMW. Why am I saying humble?
Drew Kennard Jul 09, 2012
Not so much, BMW. Bleh, but from humble beginnings...
Zachary Maurer Jul 09, 2012
Really, I feel pontiac
Stephen Tyler Learn Jul 09, 2012
I feel like this should have a Saturn badge on it
Tanton Stoneman Jul 08, 2012
Yeah those doors are pretty bad...
Crazybonbon Obobo Jul 08, 2012
You can drive with them open or closed
Christian De Prisco Jul 08, 2012
Dude the door is open
Logan LeMonnier Jul 08, 2012
Actually kind of ugly ill admit
Carlton Salmon Jul 09, 2012
It's an early prototype.
SuperTrofeo Jul 09, 2012
it's kinda nice in a very strange way
Christian De Prisco Jul 08, 2012
The front bumper is different
Carlton Salmon Jul 09, 2012
I think it's the same comment Wyatt put on the Koenigsegg Agera R feature earlier, so possibly a glitch with CarBuzz.
Thibault Leroy Jul 09, 2012
@Austin hahaha XD well said
Austin Bride Jul 08, 2012
Wyatt your face aggravates me. Change it.
Kyle Rawn Jul 08, 2012
Gnarly. I would drive it as a metal death trap all the time!
Thibault Leroy Jul 08, 2012
it would be awesome to drive with all the panels off
Frank Dreitlein Jul 08, 2012
yeah. kind of like a model you put together.
Ben Norton Jul 08, 2012
That's pretty cool