400-Plus Supercars Amaze at the Shanghai F1 Track in China

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The Chinese Super Car Club host one of the biggest automotive events in the world.
The Chinese Super Car Club regularly host incredible events in China and the recent event at the Shanghai F1 track might be the cream of the proverbial Far Eastern crop. Located in the Northwest of Shanghai, the F1 track saw over 400 supercars descend on the venue. The club's latest event brought out some of the most amazing and expensive cars on the planet. Every model you could fathom was on display, including Koenigsegg's, Bugatti's, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Pagani's, you get the point.
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China is the world's most populous country, so it would make sense that there are plenty of incredible cars to go around. Check out Duke Dynamics' snaps from the event in the excellent mega-gallery below.