Description: The Plymouth Barracuda is undoubtedly one of the most beloved muscle cars of all time. With Chrysler now revived and going strong, their newly up and running SRT division is getting ready to release s...
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Buick Bud Oct 17, 2012
Plymouth Barracuda
Devin Babyn Jul 08, 2012
Antonio even S/C it'll be stuck in 3rd place yet again
Aaron Crisp Jul 08, 2012
Not sure, look at the Dodge Viper... No SC, just straight NA power.
Luke Gordon Jul 07, 2012
Why has dodge never really been big on power adders?
Antonio Falsetti Jul 07, 2012
The zl1 and the gt500 are supercharged. When Dodge wake up and put a supercharger on the Challenger you guy will be picking dust out of you teeth for days.
Jerry Cole Jul 07, 2012
You see, as long as Dodge is making the challenger, then there will be no competition for the ZL1 and the GT500.But if SRT division makes the Barracuda, then we'll have us another big 3 showdown...
Description: Sadly, their Plymouth division is long gone but there was a time in which some of the most famous muscle cars bore the brand's badge. The Barracuda, many will argue, was one of their finest model...
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David Jennings Jul 08, 2012
Whoops didnt read it
David Jennings Jul 08, 2012
Thats a 71 not a 70
Matthew Crighton Jul 07, 2012
Worlds best muscle car right here.
Anthony Cordiale Jul 07, 2012
I like the helicopter in the background
Pompey Paul Jul 07, 2012
60s are the best!!!!
Christian De Prisco Jul 07, 2012
Oh yes I remember that, lovely
Description: For the course of six seasons, Nash Bridges (played by Don Johnson) and his partner Joe Dominguez (Cheech Marin) solved crimes and cruised the streets of San Francisco in Nash's yellow Barracuda....
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Description: Before it was further restored for the TV series, its previous owner had already done some extensive restoration work to it such as swapping out its original manual transmission in favor of a four-spe...
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Zachary Cray Jul 07, 2012
White interior is usually "flashier".
Ghaith AL-sharari Jul 07, 2012
Why white interior
Description: Other modifications included a 1971 front clip with the Shaker hood scoop, a rubber front bumper, and reinforced front end with heavy duty torsion bars. When "Nash Bridges" ended production,...
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Description: Also take note of the car's undercarriage that also benefitted from its 2006 nut and bolt bare-metal restoration. With 78,873 miles on the odometer, Barracuda #1 was apparently Don Johnson's...
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Craig Lafey Jul 07, 2012
Very nice. Don't see to many drop top Cuda's these days
Bruno Rocha Jul 07, 2012
Hahaha is true, like a banana...
Avery Williams Jul 07, 2012
Why does it have a white top?! It reminds me of a banana with those two colors.
Ben Norton Jul 07, 2012
Haha no its not a clone. Read the article
Jared Palmer Jul 08, 2012
Sassy grass green w/ white top and interior for me
Thomas Isnt Green Jul 07, 2012
The white top does stop it from being hot as balls inside
Mikey Jimenez Jul 07, 2012
Pink panther is the best color on these IMO, or Plum Crazy.
Alex Santaspirt Jul 07, 2012
Orange or purple would be great
Wyatt Gordon Jul 07, 2012
The barracuda is the only muscle car ive ever liked, even though this color is hideous
Jordan Gill Jul 11, 2012
I think that might be an "oh-shit" handle, but I'm probably wrong.
Chris O'Brien Jul 09, 2012
what's that peg for?
Chris O'Brien Jul 09, 2012
looks like a vacuum cleaner.