Comments - Unearthed: 1984 Ferrari Mondial Cabrio

Published: Jul 07, 2012
Description: The passing this week of Sergio Pininfarina is certainly sad, so we felt it was only appropriate to look back on one of the more controversial vehicles in whose design he played an active part. The Fe...
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Chris Mallinson Jul 08, 2012
Was still called the 308 mondial :P
Mike Casselton Jul 08, 2012
I guess it would have been asking waaaay too much for a few photos with the top down since this is a convertible. Owner must be a Brit . :-P
Adam Thomson Apr 06, 2013
The 400 is the worst Ferrari
Andrew McNeal Jul 08, 2012
1982 Original base MSRP: $63,939 MSRP in today’s dollars: $142,337
Paul Lissona Jul 08, 2012
I usually like Ferraris but this one doesn't look good with any brand name on the hood.
Tyler Tarbox Jul 08, 2012
Anybody know the original MSRP of this?
Thomas Isnt Green Jul 07, 2012
Wow this is a turd
Zach Pate Jul 07, 2012
Telling a girl, "Want me to pick you up in my Ferrari and we'll go out to eat." Then pulling up in this.. lol
Timothy Hooker Jul 07, 2012
this makes me think of the movie weird science. very ugly car imo
Tobias Mersinger Jul 07, 2012
This thing looks like a turd with a Ferrari badge on. Waste of money. I wouldn't drive it, Even if they paid me 20 grand...
Mike Lanza Jul 07, 2012
It's slow and ugly most will tell u
Andrew McNeal Jul 07, 2012
Why is the Mondial considered the worst Ferrari made?
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 07, 2012
You can buy these for around $20,000.
Description: It wasn't a radical design by any means and some would even argue that it was too conservative for a true Ferrari. On the other hand, its angular design stands, for better or worse, as an iconic ...
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Description: This was also partly due to its 2+2 seating arrangement, allowing for owners to actually bring their friends along for a drive. First powered by a mid-mounted 3.0-liter V8, it produced just 214 horsep...
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Description: This helped give the Mondial the deserved reputation of being one of Ferrari's most usable cars. Remember, this was a time when brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati didn't reall...
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Description: The Cabriolet body style came the following year and the car's popularity increased further. Not only did it sell well in Europe, but wealthy American buyers were drawn to it as well. 1985 saw th...
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Craig Lafey Jul 07, 2012
Very nice. Gotta love them Ferrari's
Adam Wieland Jul 07, 2012
Other than the wheels, it doesn't look half bad
Description: This concept was taken from Ferrari's F1 cars at the time which greatly added the Mondial's sophistication. Production ultimately ceased in 1993 after a whopping 13-year production lifecycle...
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Description: Have there been more spectacular and eye-catching Ferraris over the years?
No question, but the Mondial was clear proof that if one had the means, they could enjoy driving an Italian exotic every d...
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Chris O'Brien Aug 18, 2012
yeah jerry except for the massive prancing pony on the passenger floormat!
Buddy Robinson Jul 14, 2012
Mid engine 4 seats, that's the way to do it
Jerry Cole Jul 07, 2012
Pretty interior..
Thibault Leroy Jul 07, 2012
i love the boxy dashboard
Gary Murphy Jul 07, 2012
That's one thing you won't see in any new Ferrari. A manual