Description: Apparently there was a time when Jay Leno was too broke to look after his beat-up Sunbeam Tiger. After being forced to auction off the poor man's Cobra for a couple of thousand bucks, things obvi...
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Description: Originally powered by a 4.3-liter Ford Windsor V8, when Chrysler bought out Sunbeam in 1967 there was no longer a place in the stable for the Tiger. Thankfully it has a loyal fan base, and as an affor...
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Andrew McNeal Aug 04, 2012
Ford hasn't owned Mazda since the 90s
Phillip Greene Jul 08, 2012
I dont think ford owns mazda anymore, I might be wrong but I pretty sure they sold it at a masive loss a few years ago
Cory Poteet Jul 08, 2012
So mazda's got a refreshed Miata coming, and Ford owns Mazda, and I hear that coyote motor is a beast, and so's that ecoboost v-6.... Just saying
Carlton Salmon Jul 07, 2012
Stunning little car and very underrated. The four cylinder Alpine version was vastly more popular, and a much nicer prospect than a Triumph GT6, Triumph TR5 or a MGC.
Mohammad AL-sulimani Jul 07, 2012
At first I thought this is for crash test :)