Comments - Tug-a-Truck Tragedies

Published: Jul 06, 2012
Description: On paper, tug-a-truck sounds awesome. Two giant trucks battle it out to see which one has more strength. It's the ultimate way to settle Ford versus Chevy arguments, or Nissan versus Toyota tiffs...
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Alex Vasquez Jul 14, 2012
These aren't diesel, of course a cummins motor would make good competition
Zack Hickman Jul 06, 2012
And these are so stupid. People watching only wanna see something break. Anything other than that happening is boring. And I don't get the people that do them. It's so bad for your trans
Zack Hickman Jul 06, 2012
These videos were boring. I've seen way better ones
Brady Fereday Jul 06, 2012
The cummins always will win
Brandon Lidy Jul 06, 2012
They didnt include Ram because it would t be fair to the other manufacturers...
William Downs Jul 06, 2012
yea traction and toque, hp dont really do much good in these things
Jordan Jackson Jul 06, 2012
These are really more about traction than power, but they're still awesome
Description: First up is an epic battle between a diesel Ford and Chevy. The competition is fierce until one truck destroys its rear differential and transmission. Looks like the Ford versus Chevy debate is settle...
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Tomas Arango Ferreira Jul 10, 2012
Stupid game. Just wasted 3,5 minutes of life watching this crap.
Sam Oglesby Jul 07, 2012
The Chevy was sat with its brakes on while the ford was destroying itself
prodrag Jul 07, 2012
race it, break it, fix it, repeat. I don't care what it is, something sooner or later is going to break.
Michael Davidson Jul 06, 2012
Yeah, idiot driver in the ford.
Brandon Fortson Jul 06, 2012
That Chevy is a cheat nothing is settled there and the ford is wayyyyyu better anyway!
Luke Bailey Jul 06, 2012
although could be the 7.3, in which case its all the drivers fault lol
Luke Bailey Jul 06, 2012
the 6.0 was garbage anyway....try it with the 6.7 n it would be a different story....
Sam Hansen Jul 06, 2012
The guy driving the Ford was the problem...
Tucker Grimley Jul 06, 2012
Open diff+unequal traction=boom...
Igor Natsioks Jul 06, 2012
Loose his man card " hahaha Down south arn't ya:)
Kolton Carthel Jul 06, 2012
Too many biased comments, the Ford doesn't suck, the driver was abusing it. The Chevy never even tried. If he had done the same as the Ford his truck would of broke too.
Trent Bourgeois Jul 06, 2012
That guy was abusing his truck.
Brady Fereday Jul 06, 2012
Hahahahahhahah it's like the Chevy didn't even have to try just sat there and waited for the ford to break lol xD they should have done this on asphalt or something not dirt that's silly doing it on dirt xD
Alec Lindgren Jul 06, 2012
Ford Sucks as this proves!
Dylan Bruder Jul 06, 2012
And the ford goes down!
Patrick Schalk Jul 06, 2012
Ah, just as I suspected.
Description: If the previous video led you to believe that the Ford versus Chevy debate was over, then you need to hold your horses and check out this less epic tug-a-truck video. Like the last video, one truck en...
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Michael Ly Jul 09, 2012
Yeah he broke the cv joint which is part of the cv axle.... You replace the whole thing
Paul Pattillo Jul 07, 2012
Snapping an axle and pulling the cv joint out are two different things. He did not snap the cv shaft. You can see where the clamp came off the boot and the cv joint is hanging in the boot....
Dylan Bruder Jul 06, 2012
Cant argue with solid axles in that sense lol
Patrick Schalk Jul 06, 2012
For real. Bitches be snappin CVs like a mug
Jordan Jackson Jul 06, 2012
Solid front axles FTW, lol
Description: The cameraman for this video is terrible at best, but this video is still worth a watch, namely because both trucks suffer some damage. Again, this video pits a Ford versus a Chevy, with one destroyin...
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Michael Davidson Jul 06, 2012
What? No one has any crap to talk about this video????
Description: Not surprisingly, the best tug-a-truck fail has been saved for last. These two monster trucks go at it for all of 15 seconds before one completely destroys the other.
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Turbo_geoduck Jul 10, 2012
just a couple of backyard, wannabe monster trucks. guess which builder sucks at welding and/or fabricating.
Quinn Edgington Jul 09, 2012
I hate that when that happens!! Isn't it annoying when your friends ford kicks your butt!
Chris Carbonell Jul 07, 2012
Made in america ...
Paul Roberts Jul 07, 2012
At this point there is isn't much original factory parts left so everyone's argument is invalid
Ethan Amo Jul 06, 2012
Must really suck for the driver of the yellow truck
Clint Edwards Jul 06, 2012
There are 2 kinds of idler arms on a Chevy front end, brand new and bent. I see just as many come in as any other.
Clint Edwards Jul 06, 2012
Personally I find the entire argument idiotic. I work on em all, ford, chevy, dodge, toyota. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. Fords like coil packs and breaking spark plugs. Dodge dadhboards like to crack
David Griego Jul 06, 2012
I don't see any Eric comment... Also, I don't hate everything GM, I just like pissin off the die hard GM "fan boys", it's hilarious.
Michael Dunn Jul 06, 2012
I saw this on ridiculousness
Alex Newgard Jul 06, 2012
Eric stop getting so mad at david, its not his fault your chevy is broken. Its a common problem...
Mikey Jimenez Jul 06, 2012
@Eric ignore him, he hates everything GM.
David Griego Jul 06, 2012
That chevy was built like crap, as most are.
Ryan Sansossio Jul 06, 2012
So thats what those long bars under the ford are for. Looks like the yellow truck tore itself apart, the frame couldnt take the power from the back wheels. Guessing
Jack Howard Jul 06, 2012
That truck was not mechanically sound at all.
Mikey Jimenez Jul 06, 2012
@Garret case and point you're an idiot cause any vehicle would of done the same thing. These truck weren't ment to be lifted that high.
uptown Jul 06, 2012
garrett ANY domestic truck would completely wreck your Nissan or Toyota
Garrett Serrano Jul 06, 2012
Case and point.... Never buy a domestic vehicle
Brad Henson Jul 06, 2012
That was great, made my day
Jon White Jul 06, 2012
My bronco2 could've pulled that..
Timothy Hooker Jul 06, 2012
now that's funny I don't care who ya are
Dan Anton Jul 06, 2012
And this is what rednecks do in their free time...
Dale Schroeder Jul 06, 2012
"Oh, I'm sure the stock mounts will work just fine. What could happen?"
Jordan Jackson Jul 06, 2012
Have you ever been so angry... That you towed another truck apart?
Sean Wallace Jul 06, 2012
I hate when my rear axle falls of
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jul 06, 2012
Lol idiots. That was savage
Brady Fereday Jul 06, 2012
It's a high upgrade package for the Peterbuilt and it also comes with a cummins motor instead of the sissy power stroke motor lol
Taylor Garry Jul 06, 2012
Uh put the ford badge back on, thats a beautiful truck
Skylar Grout Jul 06, 2012
Like the big rigs but i just love ford truck
Michael Beach Jul 06, 2012
My inner redneck really wants that F-series