Comments - Infiniti M35h Hybrid gets new GT trim

Published: Jul 06, 2012
Description: Infiniti claims its M35h as the quickest hybrid on the market. Now the upscale division from Nissan has made the luxury sedan more affordable with a new GT trim level. Slotting in below the Premium sp...
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Zaire Wilkins Jul 06, 2012
i want an M56 just to be rare
Description: 0-60 comes in 5.5 seconds en route to an electronically-limited top speed of 155 mph. The entry-level M35h also features some nice perks in the cabin, including satnav, 16-speaker Bose sound system, h...
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Scotty Gee Jul 06, 2012
Um, the whole &$!#*}€! idea for a hybrid is to squeeze the most mpg out of a gallon of fuel, yet there's no mention about anything but how it's so "fast"? Nice car, but yeah, how about some mpg ratings.