Comments - Five Decades of Building the Batmobile

Published: Jul 06, 2012
Description: From the 1966 television series with Adam West to the latest movies with Christian Bale, every time Batman is reborn, so is the Batmobile. Starting with the Lincoln Futura that gave birth to the first...
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Description: The first model from the popular Sixties TV show was based on a 1955 Lincoln concept car and remains for hardcore fans the quintessential Batmobile. When the first of the two Tim Burton directed Batma...
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Justin Pedoto Jul 06, 2012
My friends dad owns the only replica of the Lincoln Futura. It was made from a mold of the original bat mobile in the '90s.
Description: Powered by a Chevy Impala engine, with a petrol cap from a London bus, headlights nabbed from a Honda Civic, turned upside down and painted yellow, Ferrari rear lights, two Browning machine guns, and ...
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Gary Murphy Jul 06, 2012
The Batman And Robin bat mobile is by far the worst. It was designed for the toy market. Hints why there is no canopy. Cheaper to fit the action figure in then make all the extra plastic
Daniel Levy Jul 06, 2012
The one made before batman forever is the best batmobile ever
Description: "Batman Forever", released in 1995, saw a brand new model inspired by a leather fetish magazine, and powered by a high-performance V8. 8,000 man hours went into the build but the result was ...
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Anthony Dillon Jul 06, 2012
Dud? It's the best one !
Star Faiyaz Jul 06, 2012
marvellous creation
Description: 1997's "Batman & Robin" featured the 4th and most gaudy of the Caped Crusader's rides that utilized a NASCAR chassis packed with flashing lights, rockets and an assortment of g...
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Dion Mifsud Jul 09, 2012
The best Batman car ever made. It looked just great. Every other bat car made were nowhere near as good looking as the original. Long live the original batman Lincoln Futura.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 06, 2012
Oh, so that's what Greese Lightning looks like, I completely forgot.
Thomas Isnt Green Jul 07, 2012
Sebastian I guess u never had a childhood if u think this is "rubbish "(retard baby)
Skylar Grout Jul 07, 2012
Actally it cuold be that one
Skylar Grout Jul 07, 2012
One replica made has a real jet
Puneet Dass Jul 07, 2012
I had toy models of this car. Definitely stands out as the greatest batmobile for me
Jason Sprouse Jul 07, 2012
This one is my favorite. I have seen it up close at the Chicago Auto Show along with Ecto-1, Eleanor, and the General Lee. Just haven't seen the Tumber yet hopfully it will make an appearence soon.
Sebastian Grey Jul 07, 2012
This is rubbish.
Scott Gracey Jul 07, 2012
Haha I Had a remote control one of these as a child as well
Chaz Gill Jul 07, 2012
Saw one from the actually movie at my local car show last week
Drake Nailon Jul 06, 2012
This was my favorite till the tumbler hit the big screen. This one was by far the best of this range though.
Klay Owens Jul 06, 2012
Idk why but I've always loved this one. It was my childhood man.
Mike Oswald Jul 06, 2012
Always been my fav one
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 06, 2012
I love this one! I had a toy of this one when I was growing up. To me, it's the stereotypic batmobile
Gary Murphy Jul 06, 2012
Really dated especially the neon lights
Alan Baars Jul 06, 2012
By far the ugliest car I've ever seen, and that includes the penis car from a Sex Pistols album cover from way back.
Phillip Greene Jul 06, 2012
Im gettin more of an alien series vibe from this then batman
Timothy Hooker Jul 06, 2012
over the top. looks like a sex toy
Thomas Isnt Green Jul 07, 2012
Wyatt would like a Prius more
Puneet Dass Jul 07, 2012
This actually looks more like a beast-mobile
Max Delena Jul 07, 2012
This is one of the sickest cars ever, and if you hate it then you need to go to a doctor to be checked out because you got problems.
Micah Buffat Jul 07, 2012
That thing is crazy . Beautifully designed
Scotty Gee Jul 06, 2012
.. except for the huge, totally-exposed-to-bullets front wheels, this one looks like it was actually thought out the most for a stealth, crime-fighting car (ok, that sounded weird)..
Drake Nailon Jul 06, 2012
Ok maybe not the best batmobile but it fits in with the newest movies perfectly and the older cars would not. I for one would drive this car daily if given the chance. Pure sex!
Thibault Leroy Jul 06, 2012
this one is the best by far to me
Jeremy E. Rogers Jul 06, 2012
Anyone wanna go chase tornados? Lol
Kyle McCullough Jul 06, 2012
I understand what you're saying Ben, but this thing is too badass for me to care
Ben Mueller Jul 06, 2012
It's awful that this was taken on as the new batmobile. Absolutely dreadful. Well, it's a sweet vehicle, but this is not a batmobile.
Mason Langenfeld Jul 06, 2012
beasty batmobile
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 06, 2012
This one is just so crazy, I love it!
Will Watashi Jul 06, 2012
*best batmobile ever
Raad Albar SG Jul 06, 2012
worst batmobile ever
John Serely Jul 06, 2012
I'll take this one
Avery Williams Jul 06, 2012
DEFINITELY TAKEN THIS ONE!!! Batpod aka Bat-chopper!