Posted on: Jul 06, 2012
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Aston Martin Vanquish Launched in London at Exclusive Event

Aston’s brand-new flagship took a bow in the heart of the capital’s theatre district.
Aston Martin chose the suitably-stylish London Film Museum in Covent Garden as the venue to launch its latest supercar in the capital, where a 500-strong audience of Aston owners, fans and celebrities reveled in the star-studded surrounds and the chance to have an intimate moment with the new V12 coupe. CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez formerly unveiled the marque's latest flagship, taking the wraps off two Vanquish models: one pearlescent white with red leather interior, and one grey on tan.
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Also on display was a cutaway chassis that showcased the car's unpainted carbon-fiber skin as well as a cutaway engine demonstrating how the cylinder heads were modified to deliver extra power. The upgraded 6.0-liter V12 boasts 565 horsepower and 457lb-ft of torque resulting in supercar performance figures of 0-62mph in 4.1 seconds and a 183mph top speed. Other differences to the outgoing DBS include a brand-new interior derived from the One-77, and all-carbon bodywork. Deliveries of the new super grand tourer are expected to start at the end of the year priced at £189,995 in the UK.

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by Adam Lynton
Aston Martin Vanquish Launched in London at Exclusive Event
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