Description: Lamborghini is celebrating 20 years in Hong Kong with a special edition Gallardo LP550-2. The Italian automaker's official dealer Kingsway Cars Ltd. raised the covers off the special edition last...
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尤品敦 Jul 09, 2012
Oh,every special th
Nick Sti Jul 05, 2012
How long until one gets wrecked? I give it 2.5 months
Danny Rodriiguez Jul 05, 2012
The only car that is for chinese people that looks insane.
Laguna Seca Jul 05, 2012
The HK20 logo is sweet!
Christian De Prisco Jul 05, 2012
Nice colour combo
Description: Matte black touches and 'HK20' logos on the front and rear spoiler along with the side skirts gives the Gallardo an impressive contrast. 'HK20' badging features throughout the spec...
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Adam Sampson Jul 05, 2012
I'm guessing you fella's live in the states, cos that pricing is about right. Gallardo is 550k Aussie dollars atm, Aventador is about 850k. Oh and a 911 starts at 208k here,so appreciate the excellent value you guys get. Shame u have to live there ;)
Andrew McNeal Jul 05, 2012
I could drive a brand new 2012 Ferrari 458 Italian off the showroom floor for half that. Saw one at local Ferrari dealer today for $257,824.
Stefan G. Whittaker Jul 05, 2012
$475,000!!!??? For a Gallardo? Lol that's ridiculous!
Thibault Leroy Jul 05, 2012
wow thats more expensive than an Aventador! I would hate to live in Asia with all their import taxes
DDove Settles Jul 05, 2012
where TF!? are the american special editions ... Asia keeps getting all. these special editions of everything and we have nothing
Tim Steinruck Aug 26, 2012
Absolutely love this color scheme
Kasey Cook Jul 05, 2012
So sexy. I love those wheels.
Christoffer Wassberg Jul 05, 2012
Like the gold rims
Crazybonbon Obobo Jul 05, 2012
You can't erase comments
John Serely Jul 05, 2012
Same her, tanner
Tanner Middleton Jul 05, 2012
i like the quilted roof thats dope
Ghaith AL-sharari Jul 05, 2012
Look at that Matt black lp670
Paul Dickey Jul 05, 2012
Agreed. That's really cool.
Kyle Kloewer Jul 05, 2012
That's a cool photo