Comments - Lotus Joins Forces with Batman

Published: Jul 05, 2012
Description: The Lotus F1 Team is bringing a new member on board for the British Grand Prix this weekend: Batman. As part of a promotional campaign between the team and Warner Bros for the upcoming movie "The...
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Description: "This season we have been the dark horses in the championship fight," said Lotus F1 chief Eric Boullier. "So this partnership with The Dark Knight Rises is a fantastic match." &qu...
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Victor Castillo Jul 07, 2012
Or a stang.. Cuz apparently u need 671 hp to show u have nuts (sarcasm for the morons that don't get it)
Matt Piccolo Jul 05, 2012
Yea and it's pretty hard to come by a car with worse visibility than a camaro lol
John Serely Jul 05, 2012
I need one of
Michael Kozlowski Jul 05, 2012
But it'll run over camaros and think it was only a speed bump lol
Lee Gardner Jul 05, 2012
Visibility worse than a new camaro
Joe Fats Harper Jul 05, 2012
"Does it come in black?"
Shawn Sullivan Jul 06, 2012
You mean the giant gun that's pointing right at mr. smiles?!
Miles Drinkwater Jul 06, 2012
Smart money on the tank. It's on wets
Carlton Salmon Jul 05, 2012
My money is on the Tumbler down the straight...
Adam Lopinsky Jul 05, 2012
I want the one on the right. No question
Thomas Isnt Green Jul 08, 2012
Ur brother is funny
Frank Dreitlein Jul 07, 2012
I'd like to apologize do those comments. they were not from me, but from my brother. never leave phone unattended and at home.
Frank Dreitlein Jul 07, 2012
take my left nut, put it in your mouth, and make my right one jealous...
Patrick Schalk Jul 07, 2012
Gah Frank, could you be anymore of a hipster?
Frank Dreitlein Jul 06, 2012
didn't think so. I enjoy the articles about the cars. I like to keep up on whats coming around, seens how i am a mechanic. I can't stand listing to morons like yourself just blabbing away about stupid stuff. don't speak to me "dude".
Marco Fantillo Jul 06, 2012
Keep going frank this is amusing to me
Frank Dreitlein Jul 06, 2012
another one who can't think for himself. what else is new
Frank Dreitlein Jul 06, 2012 society a favor and shoot yourself in the face.
Patrick Schalk Jul 06, 2012
Shut up Frank, you hipster.
Frank Dreitlein Jul 06, 2012
Austin, learn what a hipster is first before making a blanket statement. but then again, I'm sure Hollywood rotted your miserable little brain as well, since "hipster" is just another made up word that Hollywood has supplied for entertainment.
Frank Dreitlein Jul 06, 2012
hey Trevor, grow up dude.
Austin Goodman Jul 06, 2012
I saw this thing when WB brought it to st louis and it's absolutely huge. No way it's only 5000 lbs.
Trevor Hendrickson Jul 06, 2012
I wish I was as smart as Frank. He doesn't conform to "the system" so he is better than everyone else.
Austin Bride Jul 05, 2012
Frank shut up you hipster
Mark Reider Jul 05, 2012
@Bryan is correct, it weights 2.5 tons. It looks heavier but I'm sure that's all fiberglass and plastic. It's only 15ft long and uses Super Swampers for tires on back which are kinda light as well.
Zack Hickman Jul 05, 2012
This looks so stupid.
Frank Dreitlein Jul 05, 2012
hey look at Hollywood shoving more garbage down your throats! baaabaaa little sheep!
Bryan Garza Jul 05, 2012
Weighs about 5,000lbs and 0-60 around 5 seconds. Tops out around 110mph. Talked to the driver when they brought it to San Antonio!
Abraham Mendoza Jul 05, 2012
look at those springs@
Ghaith AL-sharari Jul 05, 2012
Just imagen that in matt black
Brady Fereday Jul 05, 2012
I know it has a v10 BMW motor in it
Patrick Schalk Jul 05, 2012
Independent rear suspension....nice.
Avery Williams Jul 05, 2012
Who's going to see the movie? I know I am!
Paul Dickey Jul 05, 2012
So bad ass that this actually works.
James Jay Putnam Jul 05, 2012
0-60 in 2 minutes it weighs Idk about 6000 lbs
John Jenkins Jul 05, 2012
I wanna know that things specs
Calogero Rumeo Jul 05, 2012
That's pretty sick.
Extremis Colson Jul 05, 2012
the guy in the back... Lmao!
Lee Cascio Jul 05, 2012
He is quivering in fear from the sight of this thing.