Joan Smalls and CLS Shooting Brake Show Off their Curves

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What good is a slick new car if you can't have a model in a catsuit show it off?
Mercedes-Benz just revealed the new CLS Shooting Brake, but it's already seizing the opportunity to have a curvey model show it off during the upcoming Fashion Week. Joan Smalls in a catsuit driving the new model? Sign us up.

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Put together by director Mario Testino, Joan Smalls takes a quick spin in the CLS Shooting Brake and makes handy use of its sunroof. The Shooting Brake is the slick new wagon version of the CLS four-door coupe, and offers a wide range of engines. Buyers can choose between diesels ranging from 204 horsepower to 265 and gasoline engines from 306 hp 408. The latter twin-turbo V8 can propel the CLS Shooting Brake from 0-60 in 5.3 seconds, but an even quicker AMG version is on its way. Pitty none will make it to American showrooms.