Description: For almost half a century, McLaren has built the world's fastest and most successful racing cars. The MP4-12C GT3 is their latest offering to the world of motorsports. Differences from the road c...
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Description: It's also 50mm wider each side, considerably lower, and boasts a front splitter, and rear wing. These are the most obvious visual differences, but scratch the surface and there's a host of o...
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Danyaal Farooq Jul 05, 2012
Didn't they put something like this in forza 4?
Sebastian Grey Jul 05, 2012
Canadian isn't a race.
Samuel Reid Jul 04, 2012
I'm in Canada too and I can...
Tanton Stoneman Jul 04, 2012
It's saying I cant watch this because I live in Canada. Racists.
Thibault Leroy Jul 04, 2012
omg that sound is just insane!
Description: Inside there's no interior to speak of save for a F1 steering wheel and one seat, which is where Autocar's Andrew Frankel finds himself after a little tour of the race car. The MP4-12C GT3 h...
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Wilson LaFaver Jul 05, 2012
But still extremely expensive
Wilson LaFaver Jul 05, 2012
Not nearly as expensive as like a ferrari race car or anyone else like that