Comments - Honda Unveils Twin-Turbo CR-Z Hybrid Racer

Published: Jul 04, 2012
Description: Hybrids aren't just for tree-hugging hippies anymore. The newest crop of racing cars from Formula One to Le Mans are incorporating electric motors, and this is the latest. Mugen, the tuning compa...
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William Downs Jul 04, 2012
i wanna hear what this thing sounds like
Description: The suspension, rolling stock and aerodynamics have been significantly enhanced over stock, but the real news is under the hood: Instead of the 1.5-liter, 111-horsepower four-banger and 14hp electric ...
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Tomas Arango Ferreira Jul 06, 2012
Nothing hybrid about this baby!
Samuel Reid Jul 04, 2012
Yeah, before Nissan used a S-15 Silvia and Mazda a RX-7, cars like that younowatimsaying.
Scott Gracey Jul 04, 2012
The 370z might not have its 3.7L... Alot of cars don't use it's production engine lol just frame, this car is a prime example lol
Jack Howard Jul 04, 2012
Yeah the Gtr is in Gt500 not 300
Justin Brevik Jul 04, 2012
the had to down grade the 2.8 TT in this cr-z so it could compete i wonder what the horse power was before they limited it
Matt Piccolo Jul 04, 2012
370 has over 300hp unless they down graded it
Samuel Reid Jul 04, 2012
vs Nissan GTR ?? I know they are in GT500 , but in GT300 i'm not sure. It should be a car like the 370Z.
americanmuscle Jul 04, 2012
happy fourth you guys
Scott Gracey Jul 04, 2012
Yeah I was just gonN say, the hp for a TT 2.8L is incredibly low but this thing prolly has torque in like the 300s easy
Luke Murray Jul 04, 2012
Why is that limited to 300bhp but it's up against Nissan gt-r which is at least 500bhp standard
Michael Page Jul 04, 2012
Why couldn't they get the 300 hp from the flat 4?
Paul Lissona Jul 05, 2012
I like this crz, makes me like Honda a little more again.
Bryan Wesly Pascual Jul 05, 2012
Whats with the M badge?
Brad Wood Jul 04, 2012
Interesting, I didn't notice his last name. No, not my son. Just don't like ignorance and random pointless aggressive comments. You happen to fit both. Do you understand "homologation", or is that too big of a word not found in Playboy magazine?
cardude2000 Jul 04, 2012
total copy of the buggati gust cheaper!!
Michael Page Jul 04, 2012
Use a period sometime.
Kris C. Lopez Jul 04, 2012
Michael you just miss the point of the first comment so please don't say anymore and I second the notion super GT should have better homologation rules so we end up with better special and radical editions to the street car line up
Michael Page Jul 04, 2012
Sticking up for your son brad?
Michael Page Jul 04, 2012
Wow, 300 hp!!! Omfg!!! How would you ever get that out of a production car?
Blue Label Jul 04, 2012
There is a Mugen Edition CR-Z you can order through a Honda dealership, nothing like this. It's about 30k
Devin Babyn Jul 04, 2012
Brad just won so hard. Lol awesome one there
Brad Wood Jul 04, 2012
Michael obviously didn't read the article, especially the twin-turbo 6cyl 300HP part. If you're just going to look at pictures, stick to Playboy.
Michael Page Jul 04, 2012
Get one then, it's called a Honda cr-z.
Forrest Wood Jul 04, 2012
I will take one, street legal please
Mark Reider Jul 04, 2012
Power Rangers!!!
Jonathan Martinez Jul 04, 2012
Very good looking car! But not for me
David Liebe Hart Jul 05, 2012
Crazy looking wing