Comments - Fourth-Generation Renault Clio Officially Released

Published: Jul 04, 2012
Description: Renault has been hard at work preparing its new fourth-generation Clio and today we get to see the finished product of the French automaker's efforts. Set for debut later this year at the Paris M...
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Description: More pronounced wheel arches are joined by a more tailored flank, with a bolder grille spanning from headlight to headlight. Renault says the new Clio was developed to incorporate "affordable inn...
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Sam Oglesby Jul 04, 2012
What the hell is that across the bottom of the doors
Alan So Jul 04, 2012
Nice face! Very refreshing~
Samuel Reid Jul 04, 2012
Why they put photos off an Ibiza? Oh, wait...
Luke Murray Jul 04, 2012
Very nice clips have always been nice looking
Carlton Salmon Jul 04, 2012
That looks really nice. Be interested to see how the RS Cup version of this looks with 5 doors.
Description: The Renault Clio IV also boasts a lineup of new engines. A pair of gasoline engines, the Energy TCe 90 and TCe 120, both offer "low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with responsive performance...
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Christopher Lawrence Reber Jul 05, 2012
Bring back the v6!!!
Chris Gaines Jul 05, 2012
Spot on Bob Jones. Spot on.
Igor Natsioks Jul 04, 2012
1.2 l turbo with 120 hp and 140 tq. Like a corolla but smaller engine. Way to go.
Bob Jones Jul 04, 2012
You're irresponsible and unnecessary.
Kyle Smith Jul 04, 2012
a 2.0L BMW. Most 4 cylinder cars have the power to get you going with impressive fuel economy. It's the way of the future. Such large engines are irresponsible and quite frankly, unnecessary.
Kyle Smith Jul 04, 2012
The gas prices are to blame but small engines with a 6th gear are capable. I was doing about 200km/h on the autobahn in a BMW 320i. You can't touch that speed even remotely in America on any public road. Yet Americans would be embarrassed to own
Kyle Smith Jul 04, 2012
Yep it's true. Don't get me wrong I love European cars. I find it funny that in America they need these massive engines in a county where there are speed limits. In Germany they have smaller engines but no speed limit sections on the Autobahn.
Yves Corbeau Jul 04, 2012
Welcome to Europe where gasoline prices dictate smaller engines. Also not everybody needs big engines. This one, older model, in RS trim was deemed the car most fun to drive by Top Gear beating super cars. To have fun you do not have to be fast at the straight.
Kyle Smith Jul 04, 2012
If you're buying this car with any intention of going fast, you're gonna have a bad time.
Lee Gardner Jul 04, 2012
O boy 120 horse speed record here I come
Description: The new Clio will go on sale this October and carry a starting price of about £11,000. The Renaultsport version, which we recently saw running up the hill at Goodwood, will make its way to the ma...
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John Erik Falck-Therkelsen Jul 07, 2012
It looks like a SEAT because it is yellow, that's as far as it goes. Even SEAT wouldn't launch something this ridiculous looking, it's like they designed it and just didn't know when to stop!
Gary Dunphy Jul 04, 2012
It looks very VAG, bits of Golf and Ibiza elements to it, which is no bad thing, just hope it drives as good as the above.
Christian De Prisco Jul 04, 2012
The rear reminds me of seat ibiza