Description: Prince Albert II, the monarch of Monaco, supposedly has an appreciation for fine cars. But some of his latest moves have us wondering. He inherited a large collection from his late father, but recentl...
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Nick Rowe Aug 08, 2013
V-TEC yo
Al Tungupon Jul 09, 2012
Prince Rainier had a Honda Civic?
Paul Lissona Jul 08, 2012
No those are the plastic wheel covers, really go touch the lowest models wheels and see ha.
Scotty Gee Jul 06, 2012
Those definitely aren't 17" wheels; they're not low-profile tires. But, it has LED headlights with washers so it must be a Prius 5.. (zzzzzz..)..
Buddy Robinson Jul 05, 2012
Umm, you can see the caliper, quite clearly, I think they're actual rims
Wyatt Gordon Jul 04, 2012
Shouldve gotten a fisker instead of this piece of plastic-wheeled shit
Crazybonbon Obobo Jul 04, 2012
Well the lowest plug in...
Paul Lissona Jul 04, 2012
This is the lower model Prius cause of the plastic wheel covers.
Justin Harris Jul 04, 2012
He could've at least covered it in platinum paint for more Monaco respect lol. But a fisker would be better.
Description: Currently driving it as part of a two month loan period, the new Plug-in model will replace his current standard Prius hybrid in His Majesty's royal motor pool. At this point you may be asking yo...
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Description: The principality is known to racing fans for events like the Monaco Grand Prix, the Monte Carlo Rally and numerous historic racing events. The push for "green" propulsion strikes us as somew...
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Thomas Newman Jul 09, 2012
Where does the electricity come from? Hmmmm let's think about that
Paul Lissona Jul 05, 2012
Haha yah I've thought about that lately.
Thibault Leroy Jul 04, 2012
yeah i mean i dont mind other people driving ECO friendly cars thats a good thing more gasoline for us :)
Paul Lissona Jul 04, 2012
That's the only good way to see that ha.
Crazybonbon Obobo Jul 04, 2012
Ok what are all of these vehicles
Joe Talerico Jul 04, 2012
Is this where Chitty Chitty Bang Bang went to?
Lee Gardner Jul 04, 2012
Looks like a toy