Comments - CarBuzz Picks the Best of the Classics at Goodwood

Published: Jul 04, 2012
Description: Goodwood is nothing if not a classic setting at which to view the finest motor cars ever built. So it's only fitting that this year's Festival of Speed included its fair share of vintage aut...
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Description: Among the classic machinery on hand for this year's festival were pre-war Mercedes-Benz, early Jaguars and celebrated Alfa Romeos. But the standouts were the always-stunning Ferrari 250 GTO and t...
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Jason Dannheim Jul 04, 2012
You climb out of the small door with the bottom ending with the window sill. It's pretty much a half door. Allowed the engineers to save weight since this was a track car.
Malachi Monteiro Jul 04, 2012
Where the hell are the doors?
Clayton Corley Jul 04, 2012
I have a feeling this is a Mercedes . Lol
Hektor Yberg Jul 05, 2012
I just love those old f1s =D
Jordan Smith Jul 04, 2012
I always thought these were some of the coolest looking race cars out there.
Samuel Reid Jul 04, 2012
Olds F1 ... so pretty
Ryan Cardone Jul 07, 2012
Such a great car!
Carlton Salmon Jul 04, 2012
Nick Mason's GTO. Probably the most famous and most valuable.
Carlton Salmon Jul 04, 2012
Wow that's nice. Don't think I've seen a racing V12 E-Type roadster before.
Adam Thomson Nov 22, 2012
Its a Jaguar XK150 and i agree with you.
Ryan Cardone Jul 07, 2012
I don't know what this is but I like it alot.
Lee Gardner Jul 04, 2012
If your older than 60 helmets aren't required
Logan Delony Jul 04, 2012
Love the d-type!!!!
Logan Delony Jul 04, 2012
Anyone know what this is?
Ryan Cardone Jul 07, 2012
It was built back in the day when men were men...and women were too.
Dylan Lowes Jul 04, 2012
Yh 1929-1931 4.5 Liter blower engine
Carlton Salmon Jul 04, 2012
Is that the Birkin Bentley?
尤品敦 Jul 09, 2012
These men are old school
Andrew McNeal Jul 07, 2012
These were from a time when you couldn't just go to a jiffy lube and get another tire.
Lee Gardner Jul 04, 2012
Three spare tires thats confidence in your ride