Comments - Battle of the Shelby GT500 and Camaro ZL1 Wages On

Published: Jul 04, 2012
Description: The reviews of America's most powerful muscle cars are coming thick and fast, and in this latest installment Motor Trend organizes a three-round bout for the Ford Shelby GT500 and Chevy Camaro ZL...
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Henry R Santos Aug 11, 2012
I don't care whatever anybody say but 662 HP and 630+ lbs of torque 200+ top speed for a top price less than $70,000! The E63 AMG can do more than 200 mph and has a tag of more than $110,000! I'd take a Ford any day.
Keagan Yates Jul 27, 2012
Highly doubt the mustang lacks stamina of any kind. A little bit to hard to believe .
Kayla Zach Brasyn Jul 14, 2012
Camaro ZL1, I love you!
Dave Stewart Jul 07, 2012
They killed it with their airbags!
Jacob McCord Jul 06, 2012
GT500 all day everyday.
Aaron Crisp Jul 06, 2012
Man I love the Pony wars! Dodge guy here but can't help but love both :) can't wait for the Barricuda, something lighter. Also, someone mentioned they should drop a Viper in the Challenger: they have that option, it's the Drag Pack :)
Patrick Schalk Jul 06, 2012
You would take a 335i over both of these? Wow.
Steve Waskiewicz Jul 05, 2012
Hell, I'm a Ford guy and I prefer the Camaro. This didn't surprise me that much... Still though, I'll take a 335i over both. :)
Zachary Maurer Jul 05, 2012
@brad sorry, as soon as I commented it updated with the second comment
Manuel Pulgarin Jul 05, 2012
both cars are sexy. each with their pros and cons. they might not have big block engines but we in the modern age and this is cars of this age. i bet everyone would love to have both
prodrag Jul 05, 2012
I'm amazed on how good that straight axel ate those corners. But please Ford, put some better brakes on. Please????
Abraham Mendoza Jul 05, 2012
You make it sound so easy.
Paul Roberts Jul 05, 2012
So.... Why not but it then but carbon fiber brakes and independent suspension? I would
Christopher Helms Jul 05, 2012
I wouldn't consider these muscle cars. They don't have huge V8, they they have decently sized engines but not huge. They are more Pony cars. The Mustang and Camaro cool cars but the Mustang needs a few years off to bring back the huge excitement like the Challenger or even the Camaro. The Camaro needs a restyle. It kinda looks like like they smushed every Camaro together into one car. But that is ...
Brad Hickey Jul 05, 2012
Zach as i said it was a different article and not this video
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 05, 2012
Ha ha ha everyone has their opinion
Danny Gonzalez Jul 05, 2012
Camaro ZL1, you have made me proud :')
Richard Ditullio Jul 05, 2012
Quick fixes ford listen up......independant rear suspension and bigger brakes carbon ceramic is the better way to go with six piston calipers and drilled and slotted rotors although this would hike up the price quite a bit....but seriously this car goes 200 miles an hour and apparently can't stop ford I love you..... but you can't let the Camaro win
Devin Babyn Jul 05, 2012
Ghetto? Well that's a new one. Also I'm disappointed people. When I woke up this morning and saw this article I was so excited for all the mayhem that would ensue. Somehow there was almost nothing. Sad really
Danny Reed Jul 04, 2012
So isn't there a brembo option? I think there is on the Laguna Seca and Boss 302 models. Anyway Ford was never known for brakes and maybe they will make something good. Or let you opt for cross drilled or slotted rotors at least
Danny Reed Jul 04, 2012
I agree with that. I think there is really something special about the GT500. It is a Ford which make it better than a Chevy after all. They are like "yeah well the mustang won every test but we like the camaro because it has better brakes"
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jul 04, 2012
Major ford guy here. Really disappointed with these damn brakes. Ford has to come up with a fix for them. Even the boss 302 has awful brakes. Ford ,why cheap out in the braking department?
Yasser Zahabi Jul 04, 2012
I think with that much power in both .. It nearly makes no difference ... If I had to choose , I would based on looks and in that department , the camaro wins hands down IMO .. Mustang just looks too, unmm , ghetto
Laguna Seca Jul 04, 2012
The odd thing to me is how the mustang has 5cu ft larger back seats, and 3cu ft larger trunk, weighs 300lbs less, and gets 5mpg better and it has a smaller motor. Just seems like the only redeeming quality of the camaro is the magnetic ride control..
Claude C. Page Jul 04, 2012
It also depends on weather, tuning, body changes, and of course the driver.
Claude C. Page Jul 04, 2012
Each one has its own advantages and weaknesses, i guess its the ol' Chevy/Dodge rivalry. Its hard to make a certian conclusion of which is the better car, there isn't a stand point that they both top in, each has its own strengths and weaknesses.....
Thibault Leroy Jul 04, 2012
GT500 for me i mean it looks like it will eat any other car on the road and sounds like the end of the world
Sam Oglesby Jul 04, 2012
So the gt500 is faster more powerful weighs less doesn't cost that much more but if you do max it out your not stopping any time soon I like it
Abraham Mendoza Jul 04, 2012
Camaro looks mean and it will win the race within 5 laps. That's good enough for me.
Mikey Jimenez Jul 04, 2012
Am I the only one that thinks that the Camaro is freaking beautiful?
Charles Pope Jul 04, 2012
Camaro looks way better, but the Shelby performs better. Personally I'd take the Camaro.
Luis Lujan Jul 04, 2012
Camry owners, heed my call! Take your most American car of Japamerica and go do some burnouts!! (sigh, how gay would that look?)
Zachary Maurer Jul 04, 2012
@brad, well on the video motor trend did it says the zl1 was practically 58,000 and the gt500 was 63,080, do technically you are a lier
Brad Hickey Jul 04, 2012
dont know why it is different ind the video. Perhaps it was a different article and not the head2head video.
Brad Hickey Jul 04, 2012
Interesting note: The ZL1 was 56k as tested while the GT500 was 66k as tested. Go read the article on motor trend before you call me a liar.
Bob Turefannt Jul 04, 2012
Gt500 all the way. Looks way better, 100 more horsepower, it's lighter and the exhaust note is twice as good. I think the zl1 is more in line with the 306 in terms of track ready.
Chad Schley Jul 04, 2012
The thing about he brakes is that a set of more aggressive pads could solve the whole issue. So to say one car is better over something that can be changed for less than $250 is kinda weak. Add some brake ducts and I'm sure the brakes will be fine
Zachary Maurer Jul 04, 2012
I honestly don't care which one wins, there is always going to be a rivalry, there will never be a answer to who's better
Alexander Gomez Jul 04, 2012
zl1 is definitely the best looking car but performance wise, the Snake beat the Camaro countless times already.
Stephen Tyler Learn Jul 04, 2012
They are both amazing cars and I would love to own either of them but if I had to choose it would be the camaro
Stephen Tyler Learn Jul 04, 2012
The gt500 had all available performance options hence the 8500 dollar price difference
Sivert Grande Jul 04, 2012
Can't see why people think the Camaro looks better than the GT 500. The GT 500 actually looks like the first Mustang, while the Camaro looks like a huge robot. No wonder they used the Camaro in Transformers...
Ross Vermillion Jul 04, 2012
Love both but I like the Camaro better but with these two cars America will be unstoppable
Razor Curtiss Jul 04, 2012
Oh and btw they never said what braking package the mustang had but there's regular breaks which were probably what this had and then there's better ceramic brakes that cost like an extra $1000.
Razor Curtiss Jul 04, 2012
I love how everyone else is being nice today lol happy 4th there are no better cars to watch today than these two. I wish the mustang had better breaks then it would easily win over the zl1 but that's ok still got the 1/4 mile
Tim Preisinger Jul 04, 2012
Damn straight Mario! So nice to see fans of "the big 3" getting along today!
Jack Higgins Jul 04, 2012
I'm trading my 2011 500 for this one.
Mario Callirgos Jul 04, 2012
s! I now feel your pain Phillip and patrick! That said happy 4th, happy to live in the BEST country on earth, we can buy either car without horsepower tax(Italy). And own real guns!!!
Michael Gallagher Jul 04, 2012
Happy fourth of July! And honestly, they are both great cars. Whoever gets to own them is lucky enough. I wouldn't be able to decide which one I like better.
Trent Bourgeois Jul 04, 2012
Samuel Reid Jul 04, 2012
I'm waiting for the Chrysler response... SRT Barracudaaa
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Jul 04, 2012
Red Camaro, white and blue Mustang. Merica all day!
Matt Piccolo Jul 04, 2012
I think everyone knows I don't like these cars but if I had to choose, i would easily choose the gt500... It looks miles better than the camaro
Alex Leu Jul 04, 2012
You go do that Patrick!
John Serely Jul 04, 2012
I disagree, Tony. I think the stang is far better looking, but I have always liked mustangs, so I am biased
Preston Harris Jul 04, 2012
I wanna see if SRT can catch up with a possible Barracuda.
Dylan Bruder Jul 04, 2012
Grr I get this magazine so I'm not gonna watch this yet so I don't spoil it when It finally comes
americanmuscle Jul 04, 2012
dodge needs to make a challenger srt10 with a viper engine
Patrick Schalk Jul 04, 2012
Merica. I'm just glad we have three badass cars to choose from. I'm gonna take one of our SRT8 Challys out today and do a huge burnout for the 4th!!!!
Judah Lindvall Jul 04, 2012
@Tony uhhhhh no… that's not fact
Tim Preisinger Jul 04, 2012
Both are amazing cars though. Oh, and happy 4th America!
Tim Preisinger Jul 04, 2012
I am really split with these cars. I'm a GM guy, but I'm also a straight line drag guy. So this is a really tough pick for me. I think if I could pick one I would go with the Shelby. I think it sounds better, and I would have more fun with it.
William Downs Jul 04, 2012
i have seen both in person and im a gm guy, the gt500 i can notice from a couple blocks away, ive passed a couple zl1 and didnt notice till i saw the grill lettering then i noticed the hood, i think the camaro looks better but the mustang... damn u notice the pony regardless
Carlton Salmon Jul 04, 2012
Agree with Justin and Joe.
Dillon Dixon Jul 04, 2012
Ha! Well look at that! The mustang can handle the track. Smoked it on the Quarter mile. I'm in love with the Shelby. Sucks about the brakes, you would think brembo brakes wouldn't do that. Mustang sounds better also, IMO.
Vince DeMasi Jul 04, 2012
Not a bad video I'm a gm guy and love the camaro but im really loving this pony car war! And I think dodge needs to make something that will compete with these cars to make it more interesting
Joe Fats Harper Jul 04, 2012
Good video, although my wifi decided to cut out halfway though it..
Joe Fats Harper Jul 04, 2012
Will there ever really be an answer as to which one of these cars is superior? No, they both have strengths and weaknesses like all cars.. Buy the one you want and stop arguing about which one is a tenth of a second faster in some random test...
Jackson Michael Jul 04, 2012
Hellooooo fanboys
Description: Previous tests have demonstrated the ZL1's superior handling, but the GT500, with its additional 98 hp and 105 lb-ft of torque, is the winner when it comes to power and speed. To get a fresh pers...
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Chris Chavez Feb 12, 2013
The Shelby GT-500 is way better then the camaro ZL1 because it is way more powerful and is just a better muscle car.
Bala JitHu Jan 01, 2013
Gt500 the best any day
Alejandro Hernandez Nov 29, 2012
GT500 All the way much more Horsepower : D
Zeus Mocha Jul 05, 2012
That fudging ECF insert is so sweet
Ahmad Al-Shamlan Jul 05, 2012
Camaro all the way
Danny Reed Jul 04, 2012
If someone gave me the ZL1 I'd trade it for a GT500 the same day
Austin Jobes Jul 04, 2012
ive heard the zl1 isnt fast. my girlfriends aunt has got one. cant wait till het ma gets the gt500. going to be awesome.
Jordan Smith Jul 04, 2012
For me, It'd be both or neither.
Colby Church Jul 04, 2012
Combined they produce over 1,200 horsepower. That's enough to shake the ground beneath your feet. Ha. I'm a Chevy guy and would prefer the ZL1, but I admit the GT500 is a pretty sick car as well. They are both fast and gorgeous.
Aaron Crisp Jul 04, 2012
Now this... This right here is amazing! Imagine if you were in the 70's during the first muscle car era and looked into the future and saw this, awesome.
Jordan Jackson Jul 04, 2012
I'm biased toward the GT500, but they're both freaking awesome in this picture, I would take both in a heart beat
Reece Rhys Loughmiller Jul 04, 2012
It's like Zeus and Poseidon
Patrick Schalk Jul 05, 2012
Hahaha Bryan you must not know anything about either of these.
Bryan Wesly Pascual Jul 05, 2012
A leaf spring vs sophistication... Mustang ftw!
Abdallh Albluwi Jul 04, 2012
????? ?????? ???????
Chad Schley Jul 04, 2012
They are both damn good looking cars.
Tanner Middleton Aug 21, 2012
stang looks crosseyed
Jacob McCord Jul 06, 2012
the GT500 has that evil grin >:) haha
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jul 04, 2012
I love the front end of the gt500. Mean!
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jul 04, 2012
The exhaust looks so simple but yet the look tells you this car ain't nothing to mess with. Especially when it fires up.
Michael Davidson Jul 04, 2012
Sickest exhaust ever.
Rene Deniz Jul 04, 2012
They chevy will always look lame no matter what you put on it
Jerry Cole Jul 04, 2012
no charles, just no.
Charles Pope Jul 04, 2012
I've been mostly for Chevy, but I do admire those lights on the new stangs. But I bet they'd look better on a camaro. lol
John Serely Jul 04, 2012
I love the new taillights of the mustang