Comments - Toyota Developing GT-86 Roadster

Published: Jul 31, 2012
Description: We've got good news, and we've got bad news. The good news is that Toyota is reportedly making a convertible version of the GT-86. The bad news is that it reportedly won't be available ...
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Brian Snyder Aug 01, 2012
Would be hilarious if thats the reason. Too bad the rest of us intelligent and fit US consumers suffer because of it. I'll be checking out the BRZ
Paul Lissona Aug 01, 2012
Yah I hate how people in the USA Are dumb as heck about car information.
Andrew McNeal Jul 31, 2012
Its because the average American consumer doesn't care. Most people are fatasses who just want a point A-B car.
Brian Snyder Jul 31, 2012
Figures, they gave us the watered down version in the US. No LED head lamps, etc. Now no convertible. I'm leaving the FR-S band wagon, losing interest since Toyota seems to have lost interest in the American consumer.
Vincent R Butler Jul 31, 2012
Give the US only super/turbo charged!! They can keep the convertible
Jason Turner Jul 31, 2012
Taking the top off of this car is going to ruin it anyway. Not only in terms of styling, but probably in handling as well.
Chris Penza Jul 31, 2012
It's basically the same car. Why wouldn't it come to the united states?
Lasha Giorgio Zilpimiani Aug 03, 2012
best middle priced sports car ever
Brian Ball Jul 31, 2012
I've read that the Subi is a "slightly better driver's car.
Matt Piccolo Jul 31, 2012
Actually idk... Maybe scions the best... Or Subaru idk cant decide
Matt Piccolo Jul 31, 2012
Beauty! I think the toyota has the bed styling, then Subaru, then scion... I think... Not sure though
Aaron Cartwright Jul 31, 2012
Sure Mazda isn't to happy to hear the phrase gt-86 roadster.
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
I prefer the BRZ in terms of styling (over both the scion and Toyota). But I agree, this will look good as a roadster
Zach Sullivan Jul 31, 2012
well if we learned anything from the lfa roadster then this will cost 50,000 haha but this thing would look really good as a roadster
Description: The reason is that the Scion division is working hard to keep pricing low on the FR-S to make it affordable to its generally younger client base. The FR-S carries a $25,000 starting price in the Unite...
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Dale Schroeder Aug 01, 2012
Funny how they keep saying Scion is a youth-oriented brand, but I've rarely seen anyone under the age of 35 driving one.
Paul Lissona Aug 01, 2012
Im more than glad enough without a turbo
Juan Heredia Aug 01, 2012
Why the hell do car company's need to make great drivers car convertibles!? It ruins the car!! Get that through your head!!
Aaron Cartwright Aug 01, 2012
Ya I get what your sayin and hope that doesn't happen, cause I'm hoping they keep the price down. Guess all we can do is wait.
Zach Sullivan Jul 31, 2012
your right they do make good turbos and I'm sure if they make a Sti brz turbo they will have a good one in it but then I bet that it will cost the better part of 40k if u consider the cost for the turbo plus the extra man hours for it to be installed plus the fact that its an sti and they still need to turn a profit and to me even tho I love this car that would be way to much
Andrew Palmer Jul 31, 2012
Not sayin' don't make it, but you won't see me in it...hard top please.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 31, 2012
@zack cool, ya that makes sense. But some of the newer ones have almost no lag, so I think if done right it could be awesome and if not its NA all the way for me.
Zach Sullivan Jul 31, 2012
turbo would make it more expensive, a turbo car is less responsive when u hit the throttle due to turbo lag and I think this car doesn't weigh enough for a turbo in other words the extra power plus the slight unpredictablity of turbo lag would make it a bit skittish I'm just sayin for me a turbo would ruin it so if they would add one I would want it to be an option not a standard
David Purcell Jul 31, 2012
I want one if it's n/a or boosted. I would like a boosted one just to save me the trouble of buying a expensive kit.
Brian Snyder Jul 31, 2012
Done with this car anyway.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 31, 2012
@Zack how would a turbo ruin this car? I don't think it needs it, I'm just interested in your opinion and how you got there. I personally don't think a turbo would ruin this car if done corectly. It's an amazing car turbo or not, it's allready fast.
Zach Sullivan Jul 31, 2012
@David Hell no I'll take mine NA a turbo would ruin it imo
David Purcell Jul 31, 2012
They could put a little turbo on that made one pound of boost the kids just want a blow off valve that's all they want just throw a turbo on it Subaru and Toyota
Aaron Cartwright Jul 31, 2012
@brady Relax!! They are both getting turbos! As a street car it really doesn't need one, it's a pretty quick little car with just a quik tire change. Go drive one, cause you don't know what your talking about!
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
I think I read that suburu is developing an STi version, so it will likely have a turbo
Brady Fereday Jul 31, 2012
Ya it will I like the looks of the BRZ I hope one day they turbo it cause I will be right on the list if they do
Zach Sullivan Jul 31, 2012
@Brady I can almost guarantee u that the gt86/frs will never be a turbo the brz however probably will tho
Devin Babyn Jul 31, 2012
If they did that this would be my favorite car to come out in years
Description: Meanwhile the jury's still out on whether Subaru will participate in the conversion as well. If it does, a Subaru BRZ roadster stands an equal chance of making it to American showrooms - especial...
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Edwin K. Arroyo Mora Oct 08, 2012
Bad ass middle class car
David Guerrero Aug 02, 2012
Aaron, so right. Im gonna get falken tires on enkei race wheels!
Aaron Cartwright Jul 31, 2012
When I get mine it's not coming home with those Prius tires, and those rims that's all I know!