Comments - Porsche Canceling 911 Targa?

Published: Jul 31, 2012
Description: We often use the term "targa" to refer to any quasi-convertible with a removable or retractable roof panel, but the name itself belongs to Porsche. The German automaker first rolled out the ...
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Graham Browne Aug 01, 2012
Also. Seems to me this is a sign of things to come under VW ownership, they would sooner see a new SUV of some sort.
Graham Browne Aug 01, 2012
Not true. They fit the niche market 911 buyer who was 6 foot 7 inches and didn't like rag tops..
Jordan Neal Jul 31, 2012
Literally nobody bought the targa version anyway
Jackson Rojas Jul 31, 2012
what r they doing? nooooo
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 31, 2012
Noooooooooo.......... don't do it!
Wyatt Gordon Jul 31, 2012
Targa is my favorite roof style. too bad
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
I am disappointed, I really liked the Targa
Brandon Lidy Jul 31, 2012
Very sad. The targa tops always looked nice. Only seen a handful of them so that's probably why
Description: The difference, then, could come down to semantics, but don't expect to see the Targa script on the back of the latest 911. If Porsche does offer a Targa-style roof as an option on the Carrera, i...
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Dale Schroeder Aug 01, 2012
I don't think it's so much looks as it is the roof panels have problems with not fitting quite right anymore due to seals wearing out and body flexing. Plus rust likes to collect around the top as well.
Paul Lissona Aug 01, 2012
Really? Why? I think this looks really good in a classic way.
James E Caldwell Aug 01, 2012
In my opinion, this was the worst look for the 911. I think most collectors agree since these are the least valuable of the classic 911s.
Mark Boulton Jul 31, 2012
And what a pain in the ass to fix....
David Munasinghe Jul 31, 2012
It's a full glass roof. Offered since 1996 on the 993
Bala Uncc Jul 31, 2012
It just looks like a moonroof what is special?
Craig Lafey Jul 31, 2012
That looks awesome
Malachi Monteiro Jul 31, 2012
Not a particular fan on Porsche in General, but I like this model.
Jackson Bond Aug 02, 2012
I'm sure it's fun to drive, but it looks like a bug now more than ever. The headlights are higher or something
Craig Lafey Jul 31, 2012
Agreed. Very nice
Bala Uncc Jul 31, 2012
This is one sexy car
Jackson Rojas Jul 31, 2012
style is the word, right
Matthew Crighton Jul 31, 2012
Oh this car is so sexy
Tonie Uy Jul 31, 2012
great looking rear!
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
@brad ya your right. I've only seen a couple 991s on the road and they looked amazing, but the 997s still look "new""
Brad Wood Jul 31, 2012
It's amazing how the new 991 makes the 997 look dated.