Comments - McLaren Reanimates Button and Hamilton for more Tooned

Published: Jul 31, 2012
Description: Since airing the first episode of "Tooned", the animated short series that kicked off after the British Grand Prix, it's been a successful couple of weeks for McLaren's hot-shot ra...
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Emmanuel Castillo Aug 01, 2012
No soy muy fan de la escudería McLaren pero los vídeos son muy buenos! Ojalá y saquen mas!
Adrian Martinez Aug 01, 2012
Mclaren rules!!!!🎉
Wyatt Gordon Jul 31, 2012
Mclaren already had the record for fastest pit stop, now they've taken fastest clean up and get dressed stop
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 31, 2012
Hand scan for the win..
Walker Carroll Jul 31, 2012
2.1 seconds is the fastest pit ever. It done by mclaren also
Westly Burgos Jul 31, 2012
LOVE IT! Cartoon for gear heads
Carlton Salmon Jul 31, 2012
Love watching these. How many are they going to make?
Moe Sargi Jul 31, 2012
Great showw. When watching it feels like the cartoons from back in the old days like pink panther and tom jerry. Unlike the crap they showing the kids now adays. Anyways this is awsome i want more hahah
Aaron Barker Jul 31, 2012
This is great idk how many episodes there will be by the en of this season but I want more I love this it makes my day better :)
Jay Kolvenbag Jul 31, 2012
I like this a lot!
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jul 31, 2012
2.8 secs Fastest pitstop in F1 history
Joey Pena Jul 31, 2012
yeah, this is actually really cool
boldcars Jul 31, 2012
I could watch these all day. wish it could somehow become a full animated series lol
Joe Lamouk Jul 31, 2012
Nice stuff haha !
Asad Yusufzai Jul 31, 2012
Super funny The guy who steals memorabilia Lol
Description: Jenson Button made it onto the podium at Hockenheim (with a little help from his pitcrew that managed the fastest pitstop of all time), after which his team-mate Lewis Hamilton clinched victory over t...
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Jonathan Romero Aug 01, 2012
Helmet airbags......... Genius!
Connor Short Aug 01, 2012
The car looks like a Mac mouse
Adrian Martinez Aug 01, 2012
These videos are the bomb!!
Alec Lindgren Aug 01, 2012
lol Flying bar of soap
Wyatt Gordon Jul 31, 2012
Mika Hakkinen only has 3 K's in there, not that many
Description: The world-champion F1 drivers have also been on our screens in animated form as, true to their word, McLaren aired two more episodes of their superb animated series prior to the aforementioned races. ...
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Drew Storrusten Jul 31, 2012
I know right!! An they're actually quite funny too!
Corey Mullis Jul 31, 2012
I actually enjoy this very much, reminds me if the Incredibles