Comments - Jay Leno to Auction Rare Fiat 500 for Charity

Published: Jul 31, 2012
Description: Jay Leno is known for collecting cars as much as he is for hosting talk shows, but now the famous comedian is selling one of his prized possessions. The car in question is a Fiat 500 - but not just an...
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Eugenio Martin Aug 01, 2012
There is no abarth prima edizione
Logan LeMonnier Jul 31, 2012
The first one went to the head of fiat America so technically he got the first one made for consumers
Sebastian Grey Jul 31, 2012
If its out of 500 there are two too many 0s there CarBuzz
Dan Marino Jul 31, 2012
Surprised this jerkoff didn't get the first one like he always does
Description: The celebrity car is being auctioned by Gooding & Company at the upcoming Pebble Beach event on August 18, where it is expected to fetch between $25,000 and $35,000. Proceeds are earmarked to bene...
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Ben Norton Jul 31, 2012
The new buicks are actually really nice. They got pretty bad there through the 90s and up, but they're coming back strong
Sam Hansen Jul 31, 2012
Yeah my grandma even refuses to buy a Buick
Sebastian Grey Jul 31, 2012
Why would you want a Buick?
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
@dylan for a 35k DD, a Buick would be last on my list! Used CTS, 550xi, A6, M3, E350, and a whole lot of other used cars!
Joe Fats Harper Jul 31, 2012
That being said, I don't know what a rare fiat is worth
Joe Fats Harper Jul 31, 2012
Charity auctions can sometimes fetch more than an object is worth because people bid higher to help the charity.
Kyle Smith Jul 31, 2012
You could get a pretty sweet car for that kind of dough. Paying that much for an economy car is dumb, I'll take a used Honda Fit and pocket the remaining 25K if I'm looking for a fuel efficient sub compact. At least the money is going to charity.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 01, 2012
@John, yes but he could have gotten something rarer and cooler, like an Artega or a Puritalia 427, instead of that probably-horse-drawn piece of rubbish
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
@wyatt because he can. He has so many other cars, this one is different tan all the lambos etc
Wyatt Gordon Jul 31, 2012
of all the cars you could buy when youre that insanely rich, why in the hell did he buy a tata whatever the f*ck its called?
Andrea Mehler Delony Jul 31, 2012
@sebastian, are you just trying to tell us you're a fag without using the exact words? That's what it seems like..
Sebastian Grey Jul 31, 2012
I'm glad they cut off most of his ugly face with this pic.
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
@alex it's a tata, but both are insanely ugly!
Michael Nascimento Jul 31, 2012
That's a Tata Nano.
Jay Kolvenbag Jul 31, 2012
It's a Tataaaaaaa
Alex Sundvall Jul 31, 2012
Is that a tata or an I-Miev in the background?