Comments - Bentley Preparing New Flying Spur

Published: Jul 31, 2012
Description: Where there's smoke, there's fire, and where there's a new Bentley Continental, there's bound to be a Flying Spur nearby. So now that the new Continental GT and GTC are in showroom...
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porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
ugly car
porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
looks like a nissan
porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
ugly car
Description: The big sedan is essentially a four-door version of Bentley's two-door Continental GT. It will be getting some relatively large changes for the 2014 model year, including a more upright grille an...
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Ryan Stinger Jun 30, 2013
Ugly as hell!
Andrew Worman Aug 01, 2012
that looks like a more refined merc
Hesham Hanna Aug 01, 2012
It looks like a maybach
Lee Goodman Aug 01, 2012
it looks more like a bentley....
Kris C. Lopez Jul 31, 2012
I dunno but maybe it should keep the wheel arches
Sean Win Jul 31, 2012
Omg ! That is Merc s class
Alexander Gomez Jul 31, 2012
Flying Spur definitely needed this face-lift.
Paul Dickey Jul 31, 2012
Are you saying that because you didn't read the article or just pointing it out?
Zac D'Anna Jul 31, 2012
Mercedes s class
Domenic Biamonte Aug 02, 2012
@Dan , The styling cues are cover ups. They have camo covering the actual body. The actual body will not have the grooves of the S550 sport body.
Shae Cowell Aug 02, 2012
@dan, you can tell it Bentley, look at those rims definitely not a Benz. They probably made it look this way because Mercedes is coming out with a s class based maybach replacement....
Stephen Reed Warren II Aug 01, 2012
Jesus Christ people are stupid. Read the damn article before making retarded comments like the one below
Extremis Colson Aug 01, 2012
Zachary Maurer Aug 01, 2012
*cover, dang, I miss one letter and spell check changes the whole word???
Zachary Maurer Aug 01, 2012
@dan, well you need to study cars more before posting, if you see the exhausts on the best pic, they are the classic Bentley oval exhaust, plus y would you camp your old car with its predecessors exterior, just use a mule car...
Dan Anton Jul 31, 2012
Just because they say it's one thing doesn't mean it's true. The article doesn't read definitively that way. Carbuzz has had errors numerous times. So yes I read the article you twat. I know. I work for the largest Mercedes dealership in ATL.
Craig Lafey Jul 31, 2012
Looking good so far.
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
@dan if you read the article, you would realize you sound like an idiot now. The article said that Bentley put on fake wheel arches and taillights etc, in order to disguise it as an s class. Maybe you should read, dumbass
Jon Wheel Jul 31, 2012
And you can pretty easily tell that it's a Continental under there, not actually an S-Class. The "lights" aren't even real.
Jon Wheel Jul 31, 2012
You shouldn't be calling him a dumbass because the article clearly states that it's a Continental disguised to look like a normal S-Class
Dan Anton Jul 31, 2012
Actually he may be right. I see more styling queues from an S550 than a flying spur. Look at the rear lights (at least what you can see). Maybe you should look more before calling someone a dumbass... Dumbass.
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
@charlie you should read the article, so you don't look like a dumbass lol
Charlie Gayle Jul 31, 2012
It looks like a S550
Janak Solanki Jul 31, 2012
It's saying FU Mercedes. We think your cars are so boring that well use them as our camouflage!
Sean Win Jul 31, 2012
Omg that is s class tail light ! Is perfect disguise
Adam Mitchel Jul 31, 2012
The side looks kind of like a Panamera
Abraham Mendoza Jul 31, 2012
Yeah that's some pretty good camo.
Keegan Mathur Jul 31, 2012
That Reminds Me Of The S-Class
Dylan Bruder Jul 31, 2012
Looks like a Chinese car anyways nice camo good idea
Janak Solanki Jul 31, 2012
I wonder if they're mocking the S class?