Comments - Alpha-N Performance Plans Alpha One Supercar

Published: Jul 31, 2012
Description: As a relatively new player on the tuning scene, it comes as something of a surprise to find that Alpha-N Performance has plans for its very own supercar. Well, sorta. The Alpha One is based on a Pors...
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 31, 2012
I would be willing to pay up to $300k for the 800hp one cause it ill definetly be able to go around a corner because its based on a mid engined porsche
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
I really hope this is not priced super high. Maybe 70k or so, but after that I would not consider buying it (for the base 300hp one)
Description: With just 1,080-1,280 kg of weight to lug around, that could amount to ludicrous levels of performance. What we're looking at, then, could amount to a German take on the same formula that transfo...
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manuel g. Jul 31, 2012
Porsche cant make they cayman faster than the 911, thats like ford making the v6 mustang faster than the 5.0.
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
@dillon there is a reason they hold the cayman back.
Dillon Magee Jul 31, 2012
Porsche needs to build a cayman like this. They should stop holding it back.
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
I have to say, I think the ctr3 looks better
Nick Schnee Jul 31, 2012
Looks more like the 918 than the Cayman, but oh well... It's still great.
Peter Mark Gacek Aug 06, 2012
Short roofline+long rear overhang=awful design
Peter Mark Gacek Aug 06, 2012
The rear and roofline don't go together.
Max Bonds Aug 01, 2012
I kinda like it, reminds me of gt1 a little. still like ctr3 better
Janak Solanki Jul 31, 2012
That back end looks busted
Wyatt Gordon Jul 31, 2012
I think RUF's 3400K was much better looking, but then this looks better than the CTR3. just my opinion though
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
@danyaal um...this is based in the cayman, which is actually modern lol
Danyaal Farooq Jul 31, 2012
Modern take on a classic Porsche
Matt Piccolo Jul 31, 2012
"like it could be one"
Matt Piccolo Jul 31, 2012
Looks like a new Porsche
Cameron Duncan Condy Jul 31, 2012
Yeah 959!!!! Keep it!
Brandon Lidy Jul 31, 2012
Gotta say RUF cayman-on-steroids looked much better
Ivan Ryzhov Jul 31, 2012
Reminds me a lot of the Porsche 959
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
Looks good, but they need to do something with that back end.
Austin Bride Jul 31, 2012
They put te ass of an eclipse on it
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 31, 2012
Take off about a foot from the back=sex..
Aaron Cartwright Jul 31, 2012
Looks great! Very similar to Ruf's cayman.
Dillon Magee Jul 31, 2012
Back end needs to be worked on, but the rest is great.
Jordan Smith Jul 31, 2012
Oh my... That back end is atrocious.
Justin Carter Jul 31, 2012
Porsche: take notes