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Published: Jul 31, 2012
Description: Nothing has the ability to command attention quite like a police chase. Watching a swarm of cop cars trying to stop a crazy driver makes for great TV. People who run from police usually do so in what ...
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Stephen Cobbs Jul 31, 2012
My fault I knew that. So used to watchin the trailers. They all got yellow SV's.
Tristin William Buggy Jul 31, 2012
I saw the 7up one before...and still pissed they wasted all tht 7up
Scott Gracey Jul 31, 2012
Should have shown the cops chasin OJ...
John Serely Jul 31, 2012
@stephen no it was chasing a zonda
Harrison Trapnell Jul 31, 2012
Haha lol So many people correcting each other!
Harrison Trapnell Jul 31, 2012
No, it is a Reventon chasing a Zonda Cinque NFS Edition!!! But seriously it is, in the game you cant get the full orange with white stripe scheme on the standard!
Bobby Junior Jul 31, 2012
No it was a reventon chasing a zonda cinque
Stephen Cobbs Jul 31, 2012
Yeah it was a Reventon chasing an SV...
Nick Schnee Jul 31, 2012
It's a Reventon.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 31, 2012
Yeah nothing gets your attention like a Aventador Interceptor.
Donte Perino Jul 31, 2012
I like the NFS:HP thumbnail.
Description: Using a limo to run from the cops sounds like a terrible idea, right? It's a bad idea-to an extent-as proved in this video. The driver of this white Cadillac limo hits speeds as high 150 mph and ...
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Jesus Alberto Lopez Aug 01, 2012
Cadi cadi got a motor like a bugatti ;P
Caner Ozdemir Jul 31, 2012
American power :D
Abraham Mendoza Jul 31, 2012
"Some say he was recently arrested whilst driving a limo..."
John Wyatt Rosenberg I Jul 31, 2012
It's funny how he just gave up and just accepted being caught.
Jack Howard Jul 31, 2012
It must have a pretty decent engine to haul that weight to 150mph
Bijan Jahanpanah Jul 31, 2012
The Stig was found…in a limo
chikenbag Jul 31, 2012
wait a tick, limos can hit 150?? mind blown...
Jackson Rojas Jul 31, 2012
that was ... outstanding, give him a round of applause
Lee Gardner Jul 31, 2012
Yea precision limo driving
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jul 31, 2012
He was really good
Zeus Mocha Jul 31, 2012
Haha look at him go
Zaire Wilkins Jul 31, 2012
a limo doing 150?
John Jenkins Jul 31, 2012
that was pretty impressive
Description: Running from the cops in a golf cart is perhaps the worst idea in history. However, it does make for a pretty funny video. The only thing this video is missing is some Yakity Sax.
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Brandon Metzger Jul 31, 2012
He jumped over a fence that had an opening a couple feet to the left?
Sebastian Grey Jul 31, 2012
I feel the Yakety Sax is overused and clichéd now.
Description: As anyone who has ever played "Grand Theft Auto" knows, it's basically impossible for the police to stop a tank. That point was proven to the San Diego police and California Highway Pat...
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Jesus Alberto Lopez Aug 01, 2012
Seen it like two times it's old -.-
Paul Lissona Aug 01, 2012
Yah I remember this craziness too.
Alex Vasquez Jul 31, 2012
Best crime on gta, tank rampage ha but real life tank rampage is absurd
Moe Sargi Jul 31, 2012
I remember this when it was on tv back in the day. He stole it from his army base and fyi the tank was loaded he just didnt know how to use it. They said on the news he tried to use it just could t figure it out
Pi Ka Chu Jul 31, 2012
Luckily it wasnt loaded with ammo. Luckily it isnt exactly like the tank in gta where it will explode anything the moment it touches it =p
John Wyatt Rosenberg I Jul 31, 2012
I would think the military would assist the police in this since it's their tank.
Jack Howard Jul 31, 2012
He had to have been in the military at some point to know how to drive the tank and how to get it from the base.
Austin Parks Jul 31, 2012
I agree! What a sycho !
Kyle Hardisty Jul 31, 2012
many people may find this funny. It's just horrible, many people could have been killed! It's just sick!
Eric Henning Jul 31, 2012
Aww cmon they got this but not the concrete sided...booby traped...deathdozer? Cmon thats like a given when this tank shows up
Zeus Mocha Jul 31, 2012
This is just insane
John Jenkins Jul 31, 2012
that would be great fun if it could be simulated haha
Mohammed Bu-abbas Jul 31, 2012
Hes been playing gta too much
Alvaro Perez Jul 31, 2012
If I was one of the pedestrian I would of shit in my pants
Description: What's the worst thing that could happen when you're running from the cops using a transport truck? The tires could blow, it could run out of gas or it could catch on fire. Take a wild guess...
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Josh Santoro Aug 01, 2012
That shits bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s
Paul Dickey Jul 31, 2012
Nice high five! Narrator was annoying as shit.
Adam Page Jul 31, 2012
I don't see how people think this is cool. I think the sorry would of had a better ending if that dumbass was taken out in a body bag.
Mike Ulickey Jul 31, 2012
That flaming tire was awesome!
Zachary Maurer Jul 31, 2012
What a great shooter...
Andrew Hubbard Jul 31, 2012
He's a good driver! Props to him lol
Description: You've got to wonder why this guy decided to steal a 7UP truck, and how in the world he thought he would ever outrun police in it. This video is worth a watch simply to see all of the soda that s...
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Robert Young Aug 02, 2012
Haha the mullet!!!! Party in the back. Business in the front!!
Matty Michaels Aug 01, 2012
Did they hit him up for littering?
Ghee Buttersnaps Jul 31, 2012
@Zachary 7up's not that big a deal, actually. But in the Midwest, we have this stuff called Ski. If you steal Ski, you will go down, haha
Zachary Maurer Jul 31, 2012
He looks like a winner =__= but SUSPECTED robbery... HE STOLE 7UP, that's a huge crime, people in America need pop, for better or worse
Patrick Schalk Jul 31, 2012
I think he meant ROLO. You know those delicious chocolate caramel candies?
Jesus Alberto Lopez Aug 01, 2012
Honestly I just had in mind. I think GTA 5 is gonna come out in april or sum shit just like GTA 4 it came out on april 19, 2008 and I think GTA: TBOGT & TLAD came out bundled on april also of 2009. My thoughts are that it's gonna come out next spring.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 31, 2012
Ahh yes, the "Corquette"...
Larry Smith Jul 31, 2012
It's Either gonna come out in December or sometime in 2013
Caner Ozdemir Jul 31, 2012
And i love the vette knockoffs on this game :D
Caner Ozdemir Jul 31, 2012
I think 5 isn't going to come out untill the next systems so thats like another year or two, if it does come out earlier it would be pointless
Abraham Mendoza Jul 31, 2012
I saw the trailer a while ago and it looks pretty good. Convertible folding tops and everything. Supposed to be set in a fake Hollywood.
Eric Anthony Jul 31, 2012
San Andres was tha best by far, gt4 jus has tha best graphics or tha lil knockoff ones R* made.
chikenbag Jul 31, 2012
good ole sabre gt;)
Anthony Cordiale Jul 31, 2012
Afters all CJ beat Samuel Jackson
Anthony Cordiale Jul 31, 2012
Grand theft auto San Andreas was epic though especially the final chase scene
Harrison Trapnell Jul 31, 2012
@Pablo There was a leaked document showing 'Release date: Nov 2012' But since then there has been more evidence that it will be out May 2013
Josh ?hompson Jul 31, 2012
They're saying spring of next year
Pablo Herasme Jul 31, 2012
Early this fall? My friend your way off, there hasn't been any gameplay yet.
Stephen Cobbs Jul 31, 2012
GTA 5 is suppost to be out this fall.
Cham Khiev Jul 31, 2012
Im playing that right now.. They need to make another.. Like soon lol
Abraham Mendoza Jul 31, 2012
I loved driving those Chevelle SS look alikes.
uptown Jul 31, 2012
lol gotta love liberty city