Comments - Lamborghini Planning a More Earth-Friendly Aventador?

Published: Jul 30, 2012
Description: These days every automaker has to do its part to improve its fuel consumption and emissions figures...even Lamborghini. But while Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren are all working on hybrid powertrains for...
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Mats Burgering Aug 13, 2012
Next plan? Make it some cheaper???
Joe Fats Harper Jul 30, 2012
These measures make sense, they're not turning it into a Nissan leaf.. They're just making it so that you're not dumping gas into 12 cylinders when you're only cruising around town
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 30, 2012
... is permanantly removable
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 30, 2012
My dads car has the thing where the engine turns off at a light. Its a pain because it feels like the car is stalling and thers no way to turn it off permanantly. U hav to turn it off every time you get in the car. I just hope the Aventadors
Alex Cameron Jul 30, 2012
I'm sure the cost of making top gear plays into effect too....
Matt Piccolo Jul 30, 2012
Hey it's better than going hybrid
Domi Bsaibes Jul 30, 2012
These are reasonnable measures.. Calm down
thelornin Jul 30, 2012
that start stop function comes from VW
Colin Dzendolet Jul 30, 2012
what?!? don't you say things like that...
Avery Williams Jul 30, 2012
Wait a minute?! No more Top Gear until 2013, why?
Corey Mullis Jul 30, 2012
i know right! dick clark is dead, theres no Top Gear until 2013 and now this
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 30, 2012
Who knows guys... 2012 might be the end..
Description: The cylinder deactivation system is tipped to shut down six of the 6.5-liter engine's twelve high-revving cylinders when under light load in order to bring its emissions down and its fuel economy...
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Jordan Jackson Jul 30, 2012
*I was joking (bad typo)
Jordan Jackson Jul 30, 2012
... Rich dudes garage collecting dust while the battery dies cuz he never drives it
Jordan Jackson Jul 30, 2012
Yea I know they're driven like normal cars most of the time, u was joking, the sad part us that a lot of them will probably wind up in some...
Joe Fats Harper Jul 30, 2012
Yeah, I've seen plenty of supercars driving around town, and not once did the driver drive any faster than the surrounding cars. if you really owned one of these, you probably wouldn't floor it every time you stopped at a light.
Paul Dickey Jul 30, 2012
They're under light load more often ten the pedal to the floor.
Jordan Jackson Jul 30, 2012
Come on now, how often are these thing under "light load"
Description: These are not, however, the only revisions that are reportedly in store for the flagship Lambo. Although the model is only about a year old, the factory in Sant'Agata is said to be working on a r...
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Mats Burgering Aug 13, 2012
The doors are amazing!
Colin Dzendolet Jul 30, 2012
"last night, I caught a Ferrari, swear to god it was this big"
Carlton Salmon Jul 30, 2012
Big sense of occasion right here.
John Serely Jul 30, 2012
I love the starter button!