Comments - Kia Reveals All-New 2013 Forte

Published: Jul 30, 2012
Description: Following a pair of tenuous-looking teaser shots released on the automaker's website, Kia has unveiled its all-new Forte sedan with a trio of shots and the bear minimum of technical specs. Kia in...
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Description: A revised engine lineup is on pulling duty and delivers "class-leading fuel economy." Known as the Cerato in some markets and K3 back home, the all-new Forte will debut at the 2012 LA Auto S...
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Alex Leu Aug 01, 2012
Yup I work at a newly opened Kia dealership and owners of the cars from around the area can have their car repaired under warranty no problem
Zachary Maurer Aug 01, 2012
@ben, ya at least that's what most car reviewers and magazines say, your looking like a real retard right now, cause u are hating, stop while you have that little bit of dignity left
Timothy Hooker Jul 31, 2012
Kia warranties are transferable dude..mine was bought used and they did the work no questions asked..
Jacob Skelton Jul 31, 2012
Yea. That's what my dad will be making maybe. Awsome
Jason Brown Jul 31, 2012
The son of the founder of Hyundai group owns Kia. Hyundai group is a very large conglomerate and auto division is one the smaller parts.
William Downs Jul 31, 2012
@sankar actually hyundai dosnt own kia, there both part of a motor group, witch is called the hyindai/kia motor group, u can look it up
Jason Brown Jul 31, 2012
As far as I know Kia does transfer their warranty but only limited to second hand used. If the car is swapped to dealer the dealer can extend the warranty through the certified preowned program. Ben why would you buy another Kia if the first was bad?
Ben August Jul 31, 2012
Seriously, have at these cars guys. I won't hate, and i wont stop ya. I'm stating my personal experience, and since Ive been burned, I have the right and obligation, to warn others. If I didn't, I'd be an ass...
Ben August Jul 31, 2012
@zach: oh they "upped their game 2010" huh? Is that the official word? Last I heard, they "upped their game in 2000" as well. Hell that's what som1 else said. Seems like no one can tell when they "upped their game"
Ben August Jul 31, 2012
Except Kia warranties are non-transferable. Meaning if the car is sold to another owner, and breaks down, even if it's still under miles/time, it's not covered. Considering most people don't keep it from 0-100k, this means the warranty is useless.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jul 31, 2012
...even when the cars were clearly abused by the customers
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jul 31, 2012
I worked as a technician for a Hyundai/Nissan dealership and even though both brands have excellent cars, nissans had more problems overall. Also the warranty for Hyundai was a lot better and they would replace anything under warranty
Zachary Maurer Jul 31, 2012
And wait...local mechanics? That's what the dealer repair is for....
Zachary Maurer Jul 31, 2012
Ohhh, and there is Ben with the hate, and bro, Kia stepped up their game in 10' not 07' or 05' they were crao then, and plus, if you got one bad car, y would u buy from the same brand retard
Sankar Shanmugam Jul 30, 2012
It's not like Hyundai owns Kia, that would be a shocker
Kyle Bromir Jul 30, 2012
Looks a lot like an elantra. Too much so.
Anthony Palmisano Jul 30, 2012
Hmmm....This looks like it will be a good contender with the Dodge Dart!
Timothy Hooker Jul 30, 2012
I like my optima other than the turbo going out at 13000 miles. it was an easy fix though so no worries. plus 40mpg never looked so good
Matt Piccolo Jul 30, 2012
Wow... This looks terrible, ad it's a shame cuz I loved the old one!
Ben August Jul 30, 2012
@quinn: don't even talk to me about quality. I've owned 2 kias, and both were shit. 2005, 2007. BOTH had catastrophic engine failure. And, the local mechanics couldn't replace the motors, due to ABNORMAL demand for replacement. IE THEY FAIL OFTEN
missg5 Jul 30, 2012
looks just like the Rio... i think
Quinn Conner Jul 30, 2012
Quality is not a concern anymore. Kia and Hyundai have both stepped up the game in the way they make cars. This isn't the 90's anymore
Ben August Jul 30, 2012
Looks good, but quality is a concern.
Paul Lissona Jul 30, 2012
My mom has a 2012 forte ex it looks good, this is way different.
Steven Whowhat Jul 30, 2012
u mean the focus in which rear bumper flaps at highway speeds ?
Jordan Jackson Jul 30, 2012
At least it doesn't have the quoris' ugly head lights
Ahmed Barrasali Jul 30, 2012
The price will make the difference, I prefer the Focus, or Corolla.
Doug Best Jul 30, 2012
Optima Jr., which is a good thing. Kia is firing on all cylinders and doing some exciting design.
Shaun Conroy Jul 30, 2012
Yes it looks good, but looks aren't everything!
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jul 30, 2012
Hey Kia is not playin around anymore. This is a great lookin car
Zachary Maurer Jul 30, 2012
Dang, I expected more hate...
William Downs Jul 30, 2012
no the current model looks way better this looks to soft and round
Nikkoh Mendoza Jul 30, 2012
Looks too much like an elantra. IMO
John Serely Jul 30, 2012
Looks really good, I love the quoris influences, especially on the front end
Jason Brown Jul 31, 2012
The placement of the engine will be slightly front rather than behind. Smaller engine like 1.6 or 1.8 Liter will be used and will hit China first outside of Korea. That's at least what my Kia friend tells me.
Steve Waskiewicz Jul 30, 2012
Looks so damn nose-heavy. To the engineers out there, is it possible to have an engine above or behind the axle on a FWD setup?
Jason Brown Jul 31, 2012
Cody go look at the focus again and look at the Kia...
Tyler Chess Jul 31, 2012
The rear end needs work
Cody Fullerton Jul 30, 2012
Many people liken certain parts of one car to another, but those taillights are the exact same as on a focus. Like identical
Matt Piccolo Jul 30, 2012
Focus lol? This is a real shame cuz I really liked the old one
Michael Evans Jul 30, 2012
Buick side crease
Ahmed Barrasali Jul 30, 2012
Kia now tries to beat Fort Focus by making same look from the sides and the back, I like the original.
Shaun Conroy Jul 30, 2012
I was gonna say new Ford Fusion!
Cory Allen Jul 30, 2012
Ford focus rear-end anyone?