Description: Hot Rod Unlimited host David Freiburger recently met up with GM suspension engineer Mike Stielow for a day comparing his custom-built '69 Chevy Camaro with 756 horsepower against the modern-day C...
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Aislin Cooper Jul 31, 2012
Twincharged engines are smart. though I would imagine prone to reliability issues
Devin Babyn Jul 30, 2012
Some Nissan or some other JDM car had it in the 90's. They have one on mighty car mods but I forget what it is
Anthony Calderaro Jul 30, 2012
That Zenvo supercar is dual charged
Austin Lark Jul 30, 2012
Yeah Abraham there is a lotus a guy built that is duel charged. Insanely fast. I havnt seen too many duel charged cars though. I think you can find it on YouTube. Matt Farah drive it.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 30, 2012
It is possible to both turbo&Supercharge a car. I remember Volkswagen wanted to do it.
Aislin Cooper Jul 30, 2012
And a turbo. Ridiculous
Aislin Cooper Jul 30, 2012
That sounds like the ultimate. The LS7 with the LS9's supercharger
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 30, 2012
So its twin-charged?
Barry Boo Wilson Jul 30, 2012
Wow it's got the zr1 supercharger and a eaton.;…. :) lol
Description: The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 coupe boasts a 6.2-liter V8 rated at 580 horsepower. Freiburger notes that the new 2012 ZL1 is a bit disadvantaged due to its heavier weight and less power. It does benefit fr...
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Ben August Jul 31, 2012
There's a reason why wheelbase distances have increased, height decreased, weight distribution balanced, width increased, body panels changed, etc... Because the old way literally worked against physics. Sorry, I see more potential in the newer
Ben August Jul 31, 2012
I wonder how many people have even driven a "classic muscle car" with "modern suspension upgrades" as i did with my 69 Charger. You can't beat geometry. You can't beat physics. Height, weight, aerodynamics, proportions, dimensions- Its all wrong.
Justin Tucker Jul 30, 2012
I definitely don't see a turbo under the hood of the 69. Rear mount maybe?
Tim Preisinger Jul 30, 2012
Abraham, it's true that modern cars have those very nice conveniences. But I'll tell ya, nothing like driving a 600+hp car down the road on weekends listening to that lumpy cam the whole way, Knowing the presence that the car has as well. Lots of Fun
Ben August Jul 30, 2012
Ugggg terrible analogy Tin. Lol Even if the "mature" girl was in better shape, a younger girl can get "in shape" and be 10x hotter. And handling? What you only drive straight, full blast at 1/4 mph speeds? Where u live lol
Tim Preisinger Jul 30, 2012
@Tom, god bless you for even thinking of messing with a Viper motor! I sure wouldn't. Call me old school but My Nova (or other similar cars) are the only ones I'll work on. Fun not having to deal with electronics too.
Ben August Jul 30, 2012
Prefer the newer version.
Jackson Rojas Jul 30, 2012
I agree with tin
Abraham Mendoza Jul 30, 2012
Yeah but the newer car has better efficacy, aerodynamics, and probably easier to drive.
Tin Nguyen Jul 30, 2012
@ Abraham, what's so hard about this decision? It's like choosing a wife. I'd rather have a mature who is in great shape than a younger one who is overweight.
Tin Nguyen Jul 30, 2012
Agreed with Tim. Older cars are much easier to work on. Good luck resolving check engine light on newer cars.
Tin Nguyen Jul 30, 2012
I'd take the '69. Way better looking and fast. Who cares about handling. Muscle cars were not created to handle the road course. 1/4 mile is all that matters.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 30, 2012
Hard choice, I can't decide.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jul 30, 2012
That 69 is so vicious. Great comparo. Cant wait to get home and turn on Forza4
Tom Brewer Jul 30, 2012
As hell during the whole project. Learned a lot of dos and do nots but none the less it's just not that simple anymore.
Tom Brewer Jul 30, 2012
Tim you are absolutely correct in my eyes. Being able to work on your own car is half the enjoyment of owning it. I have a 85 ram and working on the engine is a piece of cake. Last year I took apart the top end if my 03 viper and I was nervous
Byakka Hirakawa Jul 30, 2012
Really like both these cars, very impressive, but lets be honest, its about the same as taking two corevettes and smashin the fronts and then seein which is faster
Jordan Jackson Jul 30, 2012
This just goes to show that an independent rear axle is not the end all in performance
Zeus Mocha Jul 30, 2012
That 69 is so sick
Pablo Herasme Jul 30, 2012
Would take the 69, that ls7 in the distance
Tim Preisinger Jul 30, 2012
I also love to see the look on the face of someone when my 40 year old car blows his doors off
Tim Preisinger Jul 30, 2012
I would take the '69 Camaro. Wouldn't even be a hard choice for me. I'm into the old muscle cars much more then new ones. They sound better, look better (IMO) and are MUCH easier to work on.
John Serely Jul 30, 2012
Tough choice, but I'd take the red devil.
Devin Babyn Jul 30, 2012
Easily take the 69. How could you pass up that engine
Colby Church Jul 30, 2012
I like both alot. It would be really hard to choose, but I might take the red devil at this point because there are so many new Camaros around. Plus I like the sound and appeal of the red devil. Draws more attention and requires more.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 30, 2012
Magnet independent rear suspension didn't help the ZL1 this time huh (who says power is nothing without control ha ha ha)
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 30, 2012
The ZL1 is nice but 1969 was a very good year, ill take the RED DEVIL all day!
Description: The ZL1 also has Chevy's impressive magnetic ride setup. The two were pitted against each other at GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, Michigan. They ran close times, however Stielow's incred...
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Tim Preisinger Jul 31, 2012
Would be a good choice Callum, Love the '70 Chevelle
Callum Mckay Jul 31, 2012
I would take either, however, if i was goven the zl1 id sell it and build something similar ti that 69, but maybe with a 70 Chevelle
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 30, 2012
I knew it wasn't going to be long before a Camaro fanboy mention a Mustang GT5, smh!
Tin Nguyen Jul 30, 2012
I would take a mustang over a camaro any day. However, the '69 camaro is the only camaro I would have in my garage.
Chris Cook Jul 30, 2012
id perfer the zl1 over the gt500 almost any day but i love the 69 the most so id most likley take the red devil
Abraham Mendoza Jul 30, 2012
Oh my goodness that Camaro looks amazing! 69 for me now.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Jul 30, 2012
The red devil chassis and bosy with the hunter camaro's paint job= a shitload of wet pants
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 30, 2012
@cpeacock, if you bother to watch the video you would know witch one had the faster time; the RED DEVIL!
cpeacock Jul 30, 2012
Which one do you think is faster and which one slower
Dan Ruth Jul 30, 2012
On looks alone, i'd have to go with the 69'; red is my favorite colour.
Matthew Crighton Jul 30, 2012
I dont love the rims on the 69, but it still looks nicer than the new one.
Derek Hedtke Jul 30, 2012
no brainer for me it's the 69
Matt Piccolo Jul 30, 2012
If I HAD to choose one, I'd go wit the zl1...
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 30, 2012
That's 69 looks menacing!