Comments - 100 Exotics in California Supercar Drive

Published: Jul 30, 2012
Description: How many supercars is too many supercars? We don't know, but perennial supercar videographer BrianZuk must have been asking himself the same question when he recorded this magnificent gathering o...
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Description: The video starts with the cars' arrival, then catches the supercars lining up before taking off at rapid speeds leaving an awesome cacophony of exhaust notes in their wake. Once the actual drive ...
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Max Delena Aug 01, 2012
@Tom that wasn't even a Ferrari, it was an old Alfa, and @Brian there were no three series (it was a M3) but i do wonder why there was a volkswagen toureg some 7series bmw's and that charger was not at the right car get together. He probably drove past th muscle car get together.
Caner Ozdemir Jul 31, 2012
You got to be kidding me, not a single vette, but that was a hell of a gt40!
James Champane Jul 31, 2012
Those cars are dece...
Yasmin Alonso Jul 30, 2012
Wtf!!! Why no videos or pics allowed after they started rolling?? :/
Aaron Sparks Jul 30, 2012
Poor guy with the Charger got stuck in between all those supercars.
Ryan Veitch Jul 30, 2012
That white V12 Vantage is beautiful, one of my top 10 favourite cars
Craig Lafey Jul 30, 2012
Its odd seeing a Daytona Charger in a line up of exotics. Oh well it's welcome. Love videos like this.
Tin Nguyen Jul 30, 2012
@ Matt, watch the video again. @ the 6sec mark, that's a charger bro.
Michele Moro Jul 30, 2012
Enzo Ferrari spotted
Guy Goodall Jul 30, 2012
I want the Lamborghini murcielago LP670 4-SV
Jon Ashley Jul 30, 2012
some of the background comments are funny.
Pablo Herasme Jul 30, 2012
@Austin I wasn't even talking to you ! Im just two years older than you and know more than most most adults aswell.
Tristin William Buggy Jul 30, 2012
Lol omg i want the charger
Matthew Park Jul 30, 2012
@tin thats a dodge viper... Not a challenger
Taylor Garry Jul 30, 2012
Classic. Bunch of expensive cars driving really slow
Austin Parks Jul 30, 2012
@Tim, I was wondering the same. Lol! And @pablo, if your implying that I would be annoying and ask obvious questions just because I'm a kid and I don't know anything about cars or anything else, your wrong. I know more about cars than most adults.
Justin Tucker Jul 30, 2012
As many times as I have been in dealerships and seen all these cars just sitting there, it is so much better to see them out and running the streets
Tin Nguyen Jul 30, 2012
Y do I see a yellow dodge charger? It's not expensive, exotic nor rare. What is it doing there?
Pablo Herasme Jul 30, 2012
Don't bring your kids to a car show, they'll start making annoying obvious questions.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 30, 2012
What a cool video. Great filming.
Austin Parks Jul 30, 2012
Omg. As a 13 year old car freak, I would have passed out.
John Serely Jul 30, 2012
Black or maybe the yellow one for me
Jahaziel Ortiz Jul 30, 2012
Black one for me
Esam Mohammad Jul 30, 2012
All lambos for me .. And the viper please
Mario Callirgos Jul 30, 2012
Kinda looks like a hennessy 650GTS-R
Clayton Corley Jul 30, 2012
Yea it's for racing
Joe Fats Harper Jul 30, 2012
Yeah.. It looks like someone tried to copy a superbird, but forgot that that they have a viper
Matt Piccolo Jul 30, 2012
What's with that spoiler on the viper?
John Serely Jul 30, 2012
Love the black 599
Bobby Junior Jul 30, 2012
The viper getting ready to strike