Comments - Porsche 911 Evolution: Type 964

Published: Jul 03, 2012
Description: The 964 was the first real redesign for the 911, but it was most certainly a major one. Changes to the original 911 had been more incremental, and none of them were what you'd really call a whole...
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Kasey Cook Jul 04, 2012
Yeah I love these older 911's if I ever get a chance to buy a Porsche it will be a 964 and hopefully a turbo. The wide fenders and a whale tail of an older turbo get me just as excited to see a Ferrari or Lamborghini.
Jerry Cole Jul 03, 2012
lol, when u get your RS America can i have your S2K??
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 03, 2012
Sexy, fast, classy, and a complete bargain. It is by far my favorite car ever made.
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 03, 2012
Maintenance that we have performed was a new clutch. The window switches are crappy at $15 each and the shifter mounts need replacing every 15 years or so, other than that, I would say it is much less to maintain than a 996, 997, or 991. Charismatic,
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 03, 2012
I drive a '00 Honda S2000 but my next one WILL be a '93/'94 RS America. I strongly recommend if you are looking into buying a 911, look at the 964, you won't be dissatisfied. And contrary to perception, they are extremely reliable. The only "major"..
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 03, 2012
These old 964's may not be as fast or refined as the newer ones, but I would pick one of these every time over a new one. My father owns an '08 Turbo Cabriolet and a '93 C2 Cabriolet, both in White with tan interior, and I steal the '93 mostly.......
Kevin Hinkle Jul 03, 2012
Any 911 dosent appeal t
Logan LeMonnier Jul 03, 2012
I'm with John. When I see a new 911 it looks the same to me as a boxster. Besides the panamera Porsches new line up looks all the same. The classics were just so unique.
Paul Dickey Jul 03, 2012
I'm with Devin. New ones look fantastic. The classic Porsche isn't my style.
John Serely Jul 03, 2012
I completely disagree, devin. I love the older 911's, and would take an old 911 over most cars from that year
Devin Babyn Jul 03, 2012
I've come to the conclusion that I don't like any 911's other the newest generation. All the older gens just do nothing for me
Kyle Kloewer Jul 03, 2012
Yeah they're BBS
Petre Draghici Jul 03, 2012
Yes, but those gold rims look horrible. They aren't stock.
Brad Wood Jul 03, 2012
One of the most iconic and distinctive lines in automotive history.
Description: Surprisingly, this was the Carrera 4 version, a naturally-aspirated 911 which was also, for the first time, all-wheel-drive. True, the 959 had been all-wheel-drive, but the 959 wasn't officially ...
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Description: Both the Carrera 4 and the Carrera 2 were offered as either hardtop, Cabriolet or Targa. Though later generations of the 911 would offer Targa models, these were glass roofs, whereas the 964 Targa sti...
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Peter Mark Gacek Jul 03, 2012
Narrow body>wide body. The last rear drive Turbo, nonetheless.
Colin Barr Jul 04, 2012
Probably the most, or in the top 3, most rare Porsches ever
Cho Dan Jul 03, 2012
I can think of other designs that would've been more worthy of continuous production.
cardude2000 Jul 03, 2012
this is a classic super car man
Calogero Rumeo Jul 03, 2012
Back in the day this car was a starer. Still is obviously.
chikenbag Jul 03, 2012
I've always respected the 911, but it just wasn't my bag. this one on the other hand, is gorgeous.
Zachary Maurer Jul 03, 2012
My favorite generation porche of all time
Leigh Martin Jul 03, 2012
Turbo S and very rare
Petre Draghici Jul 03, 2012
This is clearly a Turbo and it looks great
Description: The engine they used was therefore just a slightly tweaked version of the 3.3-liter unit from the outgoing 930, which was slightly more powerful and had slightly reduced turbo lag. In 1992, Porsche ma...
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Description: High performance versions of both the Carrera and the Turbo were built, but only the Carrera models were street legal. This was the Carrera RS, a nameplate revived after the super-exclusive Seventies ...
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Description: Typical of many German automakers' attitudes towards Americans, Porsche initially decided that the US market wouldn't be interested in the RS, and didn't offer one on this side of the p...
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Description: This was a race car based off of the Turbo S, but with a different engine. The engine was a smaller 3.2-liter twin-turbo unit which produced 475 horsepower. This car incorporated elements of the 959 a...
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Max Müller Jul 05, 2012
Technik fürs Leben, true, true
Description: It would then be replaced in 1995 by the fully-993 GT2. Confused yet? It will only get worse. The 964 represented a new era in the 911, where Porsche had previously been happy to evolve the 911 slowly...
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Kasey Cook Jul 04, 2012
@bob. It's Ferrari 355
Bob Jones Jul 03, 2012
anyone know what that silver car is across the street?
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 03, 2012
Tegra, you said it right, but the air cooled flat 6 sounds amazing, performs plenty well enough to get rowdy, and I believe it is more reliable. I have my reasons, having dealt with and worked on water cooled and air cooled 911's.
Carlton Salmon Jul 03, 2012
Oh good - I was hoping there'd be a nice pic of a 964 RS in todays gallery. Saved the best till last IMO.
Kyle Kloewer Jul 03, 2012
I always point one out when I can.
Tegra1 Jul 03, 2012
Stunning,I like this color combo.Personally I think the 964 was the best,it style reflected the old 911,but with modern mechanical.As the years goes by the 911 is looking less and less 911.If I had money the 964 is what I would buy and if I want more horse power then it could be retrofitted with later engines
Kasey Cook Jul 04, 2012
This is it. This is amazing. I actually gasped when I saw this picture.
Taylor Garry Jul 03, 2012
Probably nicest ive seen
chikenbag Jul 03, 2012
i like this alot!
Peter Mark Gacek Jul 03, 2012
Awesome yellow brakes and yellow seat belts.
Carlton Salmon Jul 03, 2012
Absolutely beautiful. Can picture Will Smith behind the wheel of this in Bad Boys!
Das Stig Jul 03, 2012
I almost bought one of these.but it didn't have the whale tail and the back looked really ugly. this one looks very nice.
John Serely Jul 03, 2012
Absolutely beautiful
Paul Pickard Jul 03, 2012
What a beautiful car.