Comments - DRT: 1,500hp Lambo Gallardo vs. 1,000hp Nissan GT-R

Published: Jul 03, 2012
Description: The first thing you might take from the title of this week's edition of Drag Race Tuesdays is the dramatic disparity in horsepower between these two competitors. Fear not, as the 1,500-horsepower...
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Mark Reider Jul 04, 2012
I'm sure that our car will eventually look like planes, being that a subsonic F-4 Phantom 2 has drag coefficient of just .021. Just think a Bugatti or Koenigsegg with that amount of drag could easily brake 300mph
Mark Reider Jul 04, 2012
@Mikey, the new Camaro's drag coefficient is .37. The new Corvettes are around .33 to point .34, depending on year on model.
Mark Reider Jul 04, 2012
Apparently, the Tesla's Model S has the lowest drag coefficient of any production vehicle, at .24. I guess it needs to be to because of the batteries, wouldn't get to far otherwise.
Mikey Jimenez Jul 04, 2012
The new Camaro's are one of the most aero dynamic production cars as well.
Matt Piccolo Jul 04, 2012
Wow, the supra's is .31 for non-turbo models and .32 for turbo models... I never knew how impressive that was O.o
Mark Reider Jul 03, 2012
I through the civic in there for a comparison. The GTR has awesome aerodynamics. It slips through the air unlike some that you think would do better, due to there shape, but it's the turbulent air behind the car that causes the most drag.
Mark Reider Jul 03, 2012
The GTR is one of the most aerodynamic production vehicles in the world. Here are some drag ratings on some cars. GTR .26 / Maserati Grandsport .34 / Gallardo .35 / Koenigsegg .35 / Diablo .37 / Pagani Zonda .40 and one we all know, Civc Type R .32
William Downs Jul 03, 2012
the gtr is one of the mostbaero dynamic cars, majority of its development time was spent in the wind tunnel
Kyle Smith Jul 03, 2012
won't win any drag races. But it will take you to 155 mph and quite a bit beyond while providing strong top end punch, above 6,000 rpm it pulls like a V6. So optimally, a perfect engine would have a bit of both and would pull over a greater range.
Kyle Smith Jul 03, 2012
Lukas I agree torque is vital but you went too far saying horsepower is meaningless. That's an awfully bold statement. Horsepower is still important for reaching top speed and high end power (especially in NA cars). The little Honda S2000 2.0 motor
Alex Smith Jul 03, 2012
Oh hey I don't think I've ever seen a video of anything drag racing a GT-R. Oh wait....
Sam Oglesby Jul 03, 2012
Hmm who'd have thought it a 1000 hp gtr with 1000hp
Phillip Greene Jul 03, 2012
Not even a 500 hp i4 has around 300 torque maybe, torque is the power hp is how fast it gets put down thats the most simple way to say it so these over built motors that are less than 5l wont have nearly as much low end as a larger motor no mater what the number is which is actualy a good thing for drag races cuz they dont have to roll off the line like a vett to keep up the traction
Lukas Lebs Jul 03, 2012
Im sick of the meaningless Horepower, INCLUDE TORQUE, because horsepower only gives you a clue of what power it might put out in tourques
Brady Fereday Jul 03, 2012
I was way off for the drag of it but it is better than the lambo
Brady Fereday Jul 03, 2012
I think it is Jason it's drag rating was at like .93 or more
Jason W. Evers Jul 03, 2012
No way that brick of a Nissan is more aerodynamic than a Lambo.
Phillip Greene Jul 03, 2012
I havent seen it yet but its not the number its where in the rev range that number is so even a 500ho gap is sermountable and theres no mention of the torque damnit carbuzz google the def. of torque and then start including it in your damn articles
Ben Miner Jul 03, 2012
I used to work for boost logic!! Loved that job.
Peter Winter Jul 03, 2012
@lee you beat me there. Who writes this stuff.
Matt Piccolo Jul 03, 2012
@ Abraham, I'm pretty sure the gtr is more aerodynamic, it's bigger but that's y I looks how it looks, every bit of it for for the aerodynamics of the car
Lee Gardner Jul 03, 2012
So it's a 1000hp gtr with 1000hp who would've guessed
Abraham Mendoza Jul 03, 2012
This is before I watch the video, and ill say that the Lamborghini would win due to the lighter weight, better aerodyamics, but then again...the dual clutch transmission in the GTR is absolutely quick.
Description: Owner Dmitry Samorukov set a new Moscow Unlim top speed of 251 mph running on VP Q16 fuel. The twin-turbocharged engine can crank out 1,500 hp to its four wheels from its ferocious plant. Even more im...
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Justin Tucker Jul 03, 2012
Ya that UR Lamborghini as $109,000 worth of engine work, on top of the price of the car
Brady Fereday Jul 03, 2012
Lol that just maybe the block price xD
Brady Fereday Jul 03, 2012
I think a lambo engine runs close to $30k
William Downs Jul 03, 2012
dought it underground racings twing turbo setup is very reliable been around for a while and they havent blown an engine yet
Paul Pickard Jul 03, 2012
Does anyone know what a gallardo engine costs? Just curious cause this thing is gonna have to let go eventually.
Description: It's a close one on this week's edition of Drag Race Tuesdays. Can the Boostlogic Nissan GT-R hold off the incredibly powerful Lamborghini Gallardo, or is Underground Racing's twin-turb...
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Jacob McCord Jul 06, 2012
where are these held?
Alex Medvedev Jul 05, 2012
Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! You have let me down import!
Randy Hjelm Jul 05, 2012
Haha put AWD in a 599 gto or that Lamborghini and watch the gtr cry :)
Michael Gallagher Jul 04, 2012
Sweet race. I love both cars, but I am in love with the GT-R. Nicely done both races. I kinda saw that comeback happening in the back of my kind
Micah Buffat Jul 04, 2012
What a come back
Ben Norton Jul 04, 2012
Max how much does your Evo weigh? It sounds like a very impressive car
Juan Martinez Jul 04, 2012
Good race but i thout taht the nissan was winning
Maciej Moryl Jul 04, 2012
Awesome. Ur racing always catches up
Jose Rodriguez Jul 04, 2012
I always see that blue wrx in the back
Dave Stewart Jul 04, 2012
Incredible two of My fave cars awesome race thougt gtr had it cool the gallardo caught back up
Mark Reider Jul 04, 2012
That was crazy, that GTR was sick! Giving away 500hp and weighing almost a 1000lbs more than the Gallardo and she's ahead all the way to the last few seconds. The quarter mile, or on the track, the GTR would chew up and shit out that Gallardo.
Dustin Miller Jul 03, 2012
Why launch hard against a car you know you can beat?
Yuan Tian Jul 03, 2012
the start of gtr was incredible!
Abel Galvez Jul 03, 2012
Max: No one cars about your Evo.....
Adam Gray Jul 03, 2012
Te lamborghini diablo was RWD up until I think 98 than they switched to AWD
Spiros Manessis Jul 03, 2012
Why wasting the clutch when you can easily smoke the GTR ? Not worth ...
Amy Terry Jul 03, 2012
Awesome race, not bad at all for the GTR considering the 500🐎horse handicap...can't wait for the rematch.
Samuel Bonorden Jul 03, 2012
Sorry I forgot about the Contash
Samuel Bonorden Jul 03, 2012
Only the Miura and the Balboni are rear wheel drive.
Sebastian Soroka Jul 03, 2012
Nope. Superleggera is AWD as well
Sebastian Soroka Jul 03, 2012
Man I'm really surprised at how many people don't know that the Gallardo is AWD. The Balboni is RWD and I'm not sure but think that the superleggera versions are RWD as well.
Paul Hyatt Jul 03, 2012
They sound awesome
Vincent Butler Jul 03, 2012
That extra 500hp will take effect at top speeds.
Lukas Lebs Jul 03, 2012
@Josh, dear josh you are a dumb fk... The End
Zeus Mocha Jul 03, 2012
Holly 💩 XD there are also LP550-2's.
Garrett Serrano Jul 03, 2012
Dang that was a sick race
Zachary Maurer Jul 03, 2012
I actually stopped the vid with like 15 seconds left cause I thought the gtr had it, then I read the comments...
Dillon Magee Jul 03, 2012
Pretty much how I expected the race to go.
Josh Andrews Jul 03, 2012
At the begining im like i want to see the lambo win i see the start , i was like really then at the end omg good race
Das Stig Jul 03, 2012
randy, ferrai makes a car called the ff that is awd with 700 horsepower. most Lamborghinis are awd, the only one I can think.of that isn't is the balboni, I'm not sure about the sv. I know there are older ones like the countach. my point it's a they do make all wheel drive czars and they aren't destroying the gte. I've never seen an ff race a gtr though.
Timothy Hooker Jul 03, 2012
that gtr is sick. such a beautiful launch. lambo and Ferrari got alot of work to do if they wanna match that
Max Bonds Jul 03, 2012
gtr still sucked in the quarter... again I'd take it in my evo. trap 128 high tens.
Max Bonds Jul 03, 2012
Gallardo is awd. traction is the issue. I get half the 60 ft time in my evo with just under 500 hp.
Garrick Rainey Jul 03, 2012
The GT-R will pretty much always have that good start. It's known that the Gallardo is hard to start or at least harder than GT-R. Even though the GT-R lost it still held its ground with 500hp less.
Randy Hjelm Jul 03, 2012
It's called top end power!!! The only reason that gtr beats half these cars is cause its AWD.... I bet if you made any Ferrari or Lamborghini AWD They would eat that gtr alive
Clayton Corley Jul 03, 2012
@Alan . How did the lambo "smoke" the nissAn. The Gtr led 99.9% of the time
Nick Sti Jul 03, 2012
I knew that'd happen! GTR cannot be beaten on a launch
Walker Carroll Jul 03, 2012
The reason it starts bad is because of its transmission. The transmission along with that it's RWD makes it vey difficult to get off the line quickly.
Patrick Schalk Jul 03, 2012
Holy moly. That comeback was noce
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jul 03, 2012
I wouldn't call it a bad start. it could've been the turbos. lambo probably had large turbos that only kick in at higher rpms.
Lee Cascio Jul 03, 2012
Way to suck camera man.
Wmg Chinchilla Jul 03, 2012
I was there that day, the guy in the lambo was getting a bj when the light turned green
John Andrew Morales Jul 03, 2012
Aside from the GT-R probably having more torque, you wouldn't feel the dfference between 1000 hp and 1500 hp until you got up to speed anyway (as was proven) It's all gonna be about the launch with those kinda numbers and the GTR has a better launch
Caribbeanenthusiast Jul 03, 2012
Bad reaction time but, Jesus, he made up for the mistake. pure adrenaline.
Frederick Perez Jul 03, 2012
How about that twin turbo 1200hp Lambo against this 1500hp Lambo?
Alan Bradford Cassell Jul 03, 2012
Damn that lambo got a bad start and still smoked the nissan!
Oscar Galvan Jul 03, 2012
I disagree there are several types of drags race but the 1/4 is very important
Pablo Herasme Jul 03, 2012
For being 500 hp down, the GTR did pretty good.
Domi Bsaibes Jul 03, 2012
Well you americans also have miles and miles of highways. I think that's what you only think sean :p
Sean Wallace Jul 03, 2012
Well I'm in America so the only thing that matters is the 1/4 mile that is what drag racing is not a mile
Matt Piccolo Jul 03, 2012
I was actually surprised the gtr held a lead for that long... But this really wasn't a fair comparison, 1500hp vs 1000, it's obvious who's gunna win....
Aaron Abely Jul 03, 2012
Simple answer the lambo is probably geared for a mile rather than the 1/4. Whereas the GT-R is probably geared towards the 1/4
Thibault Leroy Jul 03, 2012
wow 376kph at the end! wow go lambo
Borphan Limthong Jul 03, 2012
Lamborghini caught changing radio station
Domi Bsaibes Jul 03, 2012
Isn't 1/4 mile in mid 11s a very bad timing for a 1500 hp??!! I say that gallardo had a very bad driver
Jordan Jackson Jul 03, 2012
A Lambo without launch control?
Michael Henderson Jul 03, 2012
.9sec reaction time for the Gallardo? Was the driver asleep? Did he forget why he was on a mile long drag strip? "oh the light's turned I know I was supposed to do something but what was it? That's it, im meant to set off"
Ken Russell Jul 03, 2012
What a surprise ending.
Preston Ming Jul 03, 2012
launch control is the only reason the GTR was in front. Gallardo has AWD but doesn't have Launch control. now UGR needs to rollout their Aventador TT and I'm confident it would stroke the GTR from start to finish.
Jackson Mergler Jul 03, 2012
Love the paint on the GT-R
Antonio Falsetti Jul 03, 2012
Lambo needs a better driver
Khairul Anuar Jul 03, 2012
nice Lamborghini
Abraham Mendoza Jul 03, 2012
I'm pretty sure the dual clutch transmission would probably efficient in the short run, probably better grip from those tires.
Serg Karchevskyy Jul 03, 2012
Look at RT lamborghini .5 sec slower but extra 500hp play big roll in top speed
Bobby Bob Jul 03, 2012
Lamborghinis are AWD as well.
Trent Bourgeois Jul 03, 2012
Maybe it's because gtr is a nanny car with awd and Lamborghini is a normal car with rwd?
Parker Satterlee Jul 03, 2012
GTR would win on Any circuit race. And in a quarter mile. And in a half mile race. It's better
Ben August Jul 03, 2012
1,500 hp v 1,000 hp, not surprised 1500 won. But seriously, it really looked like it wouldn't. So what gives? Bad launch? Too much power at launch? GTR more efficient in use? Hmm
Alan Tan Jul 03, 2012
i like to see the GTR looses.. hahaha but yeah.. GTR pawned it in the beginning.. i guess GTR looses out in terms of top speed.
Michael Douglas Jul 03, 2012
That's where the extra 500hp comes into play includin aerodynamics. Looks like the gtr is packing more torque than the gallardo which good for on the track. I think the gtr would spank the gallardo on any track race
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 03, 2012
What the hell just took place? The GT-R was busting the Lambo ass in the quarter mile & somehow the Lambo came back in a mile?
Phi Long Jul 03, 2012
GT-R let off the gas at the don't want to beat 'em too bad...
Cory Deines Jul 03, 2012
Lambo won at the mile marker, but the GT-R destroyed it in the quarter mile with 500 less horsepower. I'm still not sure how that's possible.
Joshua Alexander Burnickas Jul 03, 2012
yes lambo wins!!
John Serely Jul 03, 2012
Love the first gen gallardo
Joshua Alexander Burnickas Jul 03, 2012
if i ever become rich the 1st car im buying is a lambo! or lambos lol
Lee Oleinick Jul 04, 2012
Not my taste but this has to be the best paint job I have seen. Would love to see it in person.
Phillip Greene Jul 03, 2012
Ha two more runs like that and it wont be the finnish thats on fire.....
Devin Babyn Jul 03, 2012
I think it looks like shit but damn they did a great job on it
Vincent Butler Jul 03, 2012
All this detailing is amazing, most cars can't pull this off. Great job!!
Vincent Butler Jul 03, 2012
Paul haters hated it.
Paul Dickey Jul 03, 2012
Didn't they show this car on here a little bit ago and everyone hated it?
MissLaura Anne Jul 03, 2012
That looks so sweer
Pablo Herasme Jul 03, 2012
This thing runs on coal.
Brady Fereday Jul 03, 2012
Especially if it's airbrushed xD
Brady Fereday Jul 03, 2012
I think it looks good that's a lot of detail to paint
Matt Piccolo Jul 03, 2012
That looks pretty bad ass!!
Borphan Limthong Jul 03, 2012
I hope he realizes his car is on fire
Domi Bsaibes Jul 03, 2012
That's a well done job!
Chris Johnson Jul 03, 2012
I would choose a different color for the flames (maybe blue?) just so I wouldn't freak myself out.
Abraham Mendoza Jul 03, 2012
Oh man, that's really mean.
Dale Fredriks Jul 07, 2012
I think that if the Lamborghini had 1100 hp, not 1500, both cars would be almost identical.
cardude2000 Jul 03, 2012
I got a feeling the Nissan gt-r may start good but the lambos acceleration to 100 or so is better than the Nissan! GOOD LUCK TO THE LAMBO!
Adam Gray Jul 03, 2012
I'd say the gtr and the lambo have the same amount of flashiness to them.
Logan Delony Jul 03, 2012
I think he means more of an exotic
Jason W. Evers Jul 03, 2012
It has flames all over it...
David Liebe Hart Jul 03, 2012
Regardless of the end result, I would still go for the GT-R, it's far less flashy