Comments - 2013 Renault Clio IV Shows Up Early

Published: Jul 03, 2012
Description: The new Renault Clio is scheduled to make its official debut any day now, but thanks to an apparent snafu by Renault Ireland, the fourth-generation Clio has been seen a day early. Posted on the Irish ...
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Description: Technical information and more details of the new 2013 Renault Clio will be available starting tomorrow when the model makes its official debut.
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David Markham Jul 04, 2012
@marius, logical explanation. But doesn't explain why they later fill the gap? There are still small cars around from these same manufacturers.
Brendon Davis Jul 04, 2012
Not a huge fan of how large the Renault symbol is..
Marius Stavila Jul 03, 2012
@David - because people keep growing taller and heavier...
David Markham Jul 03, 2012
You will eventually, when you've run out of oil rich countries to invade :p (sorry. Couldn't resist) Staying on topic though, the Clio is getting so bloated. Why do so many car companies continue to make models bigger each generation? They end p pluggin the gap anyway like pug did with the 106 and Renault did with the twingo. Grrrr
Josiah Thomas Clements Jul 03, 2012
Why is it that the US doesn't get good looking hatchbacks like this? Is that really too much to ask?
Simon Trépanier Jul 03, 2012
Nicer than the Peugeot 208 imo !