Comments - Velos Designwerks Goes for the Gold on their Gallardo

Published: Jul 29, 2012
Description: Miami, Florida-based tuning shop Velos Designwerks teamed up with Advance One Wheels to give their in-shop Lamborghini Gallardo an Olympic-worthy golden look. Sitting on a set of ADV10.0TS SL wheels, ...
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Serge Pankratov Jul 30, 2012
IMO the Gallardo looks much better in real life than the Murcielago.. And this particular Gallardo is absolutely stunning (again IMO)
Jon Ashley Jul 29, 2012
The yellow is weird. You have to be very careful when modifying an exotic like this. do anything wrong and it will look like crap
Domi Bsaibes Jul 29, 2012
@rob haha i thought the same thing
Craig Lafey Jul 29, 2012
Love that blue. Not sure how I feel about the wheels tho.
John Serely Jul 29, 2012
@el nino: I think you mean "the" not "da". Anyways, I think it looks cool, but would never want them on mine
Wyatt Gordon Jul 29, 2012
looks absolutely perfect! keep it how it is, just change the colors to black wheels, the car white and give it a blue interior
Rob Mcmurray Jul 29, 2012
Oh the gallardo STI lol
Andrew Hossann Jul 29, 2012
I think they fit perfect
Jesus Alberto Lopez Jul 29, 2012
20 inches is just to much.
Description: The 20-inch rims aren't the only bespoke touches the Lamborghini boasts, as it also makes use of a unique rear wing built out of carbon fiber and a street-shaking bespoke audio system. Check out ...
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Wyatt Gordon Jul 31, 2012
@Chris, besides that
Dillon Magee Jul 29, 2012
Looks amazing. Wheels actually work.
Chris Gaines Jul 29, 2012
are you kidding me? I love the front bumper if the second gen
Wyatt Gordon Jul 29, 2012
they should never have changed the 1st gen gallardo
Malachi Monteiro Jul 29, 2012
Would've kept the stock spoiler, other than that, looks good.
Andrew Palmer Jul 30, 2012
As I've posted on articles like this before...I don't get what all the hoopla is about, aside from the car being pretty cool by itself. Throwing a set of wheels on isn't cause for celebration...ok,ok...a spoiler too...yippee....
Janak Solanki Jul 29, 2012
Those wheels would look good on a black car
Tyler Killgore Killgore Jul 30, 2012
Looks like a suburu.
Ghaith AL-sharari Jul 29, 2012
You know what would look better that Matt black rims in the left