Comments - Hamann Tunes Panamera Cyrano

Published: Jul 29, 2012
Description: Exotic tuner extraordinaire Hamann has turned its attention to the Porsche Panamera with a tuning kit it calles Cyrano. The kit offers more power, fresh looks, tighter handling and a customized interi...
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Phillip Fitchew Jul 29, 2012
Regardless, those are some pretty decent increases if the price is right.
John Serely Jul 29, 2012
@carlos I've read reviews claiming they got 3.2 for a stock model
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 29, 2012
The official stock time is already 4.0 sec
Description: More power requires better handling, and this has been managed by fitting a new air suspension that drops the car 30 mm closer to the tarmac, and adding a new set of 22-inch Unique Forged Gunmetal all...
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Andrew Hubbard Jul 29, 2012
I love it. Matte white it all and it would great.
Jesus Alberto Lopez Jul 29, 2012
Looks better then the one No Limit kit -.-
Adithya Chandrasekhar Jul 29, 2012
They're trying to make it look like a gt2
Treston Ott Jul 29, 2012
This ones better than the yesterday. But still not good
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jul 29, 2012
Less Froggy More Snakish
Hoang Ton Jul 29, 2012
hmm... less is more.
Hoang Ton Jul 29, 2012
hmm... less is more.
Evan Johnson Jul 30, 2012
Greatest car of all time is without a doubt the Smart FourTwo
Adam Mitchel Jul 29, 2012
@Jackie D. None of the above
Klay Owens Jul 29, 2012
The car was ugly from the start. Even worse now.
Bob Jones Jul 29, 2012
Best supercar of all time: McLaren F1. Best practical car of all time: CTS-V Wagon
Phillip Fitchew Jul 29, 2012
Doesn't look bad at all from this angle. The front slip is where I think they messed up.
Nick Sti Jul 29, 2012
My vote is for the 2011 STi wagon/hatch. All wheel drive, 5 seats, plenty of room in the trunk, and it is a blast to drive. Also sounds good. The M5 would be 2nd on my list :)
Spencer Warkentin Jul 29, 2012
The Ferrari F40 is, and always will be, the greatest car of all time.
John Serely Jul 29, 2012
@jackie um...none of those
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 29, 2012
The M5 is one of only 2 four door saloons that i know can hit 60 under 4 sec for less than $100k It also handles like an M series with hydraulic steering (not electricly assisted) wich can be used for tire smoking madness or just to drive around town
Matty Michaels Jul 29, 2012
@Jackie. Neither, Yugo
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jul 29, 2012
If u include everything like transportiong people in comfort and everyday drivability the best car in the world is the 2013 bmw M5
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 29, 2012
1996 dodge viper coupe.
William Pitts Jul 29, 2012
Why do people continue to mess with this car? What a waste of time and money!
Hoang Ton Jul 29, 2012
hmm... less is more.
Frank Dreitlein Jul 29, 2012 dafuq were they thinking with that thing on the side in the rear? whale sperm..ha!
Aaron Cartwright Jul 29, 2012
This is how you make the designers at Porsche cry..
Phillip Fitchew Jul 29, 2012
If they didn't put that intake on the side skirt... And they shoulda had either one intake or the other on the rear fender, but not both. This stuff is great when its functional, but where can all that stuff possibly sending/extracting air to/from?
Treston Ott Jul 29, 2012
@david hahaha I literally just lol!
David Pires-Ihsaan Jul 29, 2012
It looks like a deformed humpback whale sperm..