Comments - Unique of the Week: 1973 BMW 2002tii

Published: Jul 28, 2012
Description: There are few automakers today who can claim they've done so many things so well that it's hard to imagine a world without them in it. One of those companies is BMW and whether you're a...
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Paul Lissona Jul 28, 2012
Yah bmws one of my favorite companies maybe favorite.
Description: As such, they struggled for much of the 1950s to properly rebuild. It wasn't until 1962 with the launch of the 1500 sedan did their fortunes begun to change. The 1500 eventually evolved into the ...
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Paul Lissona Jul 28, 2012
Yah I like the color a lot too on this.
Description: Power came from a 2.0-liter 108-horsepower inline-four and had a respectable top speed of 115 mph. It was fun to drive and was simply different than what many American automakers were offering at the ...
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Description: Instead, BMW opted to put their engineering focus on the track and that expertise would soon trickle down into their road cars such as the 2002. It was so successful that it literally saved the compan...
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Carlton Salmon Jul 29, 2012
@ Aaron. My first car was one of these - a 1976 2002 tii Lux in Granite Red with grey velour interior. Such a fun little car that was so quick and agile and handled so well. The tii has really gone up in value of later.
Aaron Cartwright Jul 28, 2012
Such a fun little car, I've allways wanted to own one of these!
Description: It could go from 0 to 60 mph in 9.8 seconds (remember, this was 1972) and had a top speed of 118 mph. Perhaps the 2002tii's most unique feature was its Kugelfischer fuel injection system that gav...
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Petre Draghici Jul 29, 2012
This is a coupe. Sedans have 4 doors.
Dan Ruth Jul 28, 2012
Usually coupes are two though lol
Dan Ruth Jul 28, 2012
A coupe doesn't have to be a 2 door, nor does a sedan have to have 4.
Description: According to the seller, the car is in overall very good condition, although there are a few minor paint chips and dents throughout the body. Besides from those, the body and paint are in solid shape ...
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Cody Roaderick Jul 28, 2012
Hard to believe this is essentially the same motor as the one in my 1985 BMW 318i
Description: With 73,963 miles on the odometer, the current bid as of this writing is $7,000 but this will more than likely go up. There's no reserve on it so this could be an excellent opportunity for a BMW ...
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